Added a few more just cuz.

Pac-man PJ bottoms and an old High School shirt.
Hair: Just woke up, so it's a complete mess.
Eating: Oh yeah, I should have breakfast. :|
Drinking: Orange juice.
Thinking: I just had to start my Wolf game on the first day of term.
Feeling: Anxious for some stuff, excited for others.
Talking to: Naun.
Listening to: Guten Morgen by Die Prinzen.
Watching: Nothing at the moment.
Playing: Some more Ib, this time in Japanese. ギャリーw
Reading: Catching Fire, this second book to the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins.
Loving: School, because I have awesome classes with awesome teachers, and my best friend is attending this year.
Hating: School, because it's interfering with other important stuff and it's so damn expensive.
Wanting: To drop school for the moment so that I can have more time to focus on getting a job. ._.
Waiting for: Guess.
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