Ah, the mighty land of Ja'-Runet! Whoever becomes its monarch is sure to have vast power and prestige. That is why, upon the eve of King Clovis' untimely demise, members of all four classes in Ja'-Runet are engaged in an all-out bloodbath to see who will be the great nation's next leader.


This is a game-type that I don't believe has been tried before on these forums. It is primarily combat-driven, with very little storyline. In fact, the GM will be the only person moving the story along. The players will have two focuses: 1) Killing, and 2) staying alive. Here is how it works:

There are four social classes in Ja'-Runet.

1) Paladin
2) Ranger
3) Mage
4) Berserker

Your class determines what your Special Ability will be, what weapons you are good at using and how Hidden Mechanics will affect you (more on all of those later).

Attack/Defense Rating
These determine how likely an attack is to succeed.

There are four weapons (one for each class). Each character begins the game with a random weapon (determined by a number generated at random.org). Each characterís attack ratings are modified based on the kind of weapon he/she is using. Every character is extremely skilled (+3 attack bonus), slightly skilled (+1), slightly incompetent (-1), or extremely incompetent (-3) with one weapon.

Sword - Paladins +3, Berserkers +1, Rangers -1, Mages -3
Bow - Rangers +3, Mages +1, Paladins -1, Berserkers -3
Staff - Mages +3, Rangers +1, Berserkers -1, Paladins -3
Battleaxe - Berserkers +3, Paladins +1, Mages -1, Rangers -3

Terrain regions
The map is separated into four regions: Grassland, Forest, Water, Lava. Each class is strong in one (+3), weak in one (-3) and neutral in two.

Grassland - Paladin +3, Mage -3
Forest - Ranger +3, Berserker -3
Water - Mage +3, Paladin -3
Lava - Berserker +3, Ranger -3

When you attack someone, your targetís toughness is subtracted from your attack. The remainder (multiplied by ten) is your odds of killing your target. If the random number generator generates a number within the range you need to kill your target, your attack is successful. There are no counterattacks. If an alliance is attacking a player it is the Alliance Leader's job to inform me.

Ex: P1 is using a sword and attacks P2, who has a defense of 15. That means he has a 20% (17-15) chance of hitting her. If the number generator produces a number from 80-100, it succeeds. It produces a 75, so nothing happens.

Critical hits/misses
It is possible that a character mathematically can not kill another character. That is where critical hits and misses come in. Every attack, you have a 3% chance of getting a critical hit (97-100), and a 3% chance of a critical miss (1-3). If you are in terrain you are strong in, your chances of a critical hit go up to 10% and you can not make a critical miss. If you are in terrain you are weak in, your odds of a critical miss go up to 10% and your odds of a critical hit go to 1%. If you score a critical miss, your target may counter-attack.

Day Actions
Day periods last three days.

Alliances - You may PM other players and ask them to form alliances with you. If they are accepted then you must PM me and post the alliance (with the allied players' names in red) in the RP thread. The person who originally proposes the alliance is the Alliance Leader and should be the one to PM me.

P1 posts: P1 formed an alliance with P2.
P2 posts: P2 confirms alliance with P1.

Only those who are in common to all the posts will be in the alliances (example: if person X says X,Y,and Z are in an alliance, Y says A, Y, and Z, and Z says B, Y, and Z, only Y and Z will be considered in the alliance). An alliance may only attack one person per night, but all of their attack values are added together. Additionally, if a third party attacks you, your defense is increased by 25%. However, alliances are not binding, and if one of your alliance-mates attacks you, your defense decreases by 50% against that attack.

Trading - You may trade weapons via PM. Once the deal is complete you must PM me about it and post in the thread with the items in green.

P1 posts: Traded Bow for P2's Battleaxe.
P2 posts: Confirming trade of Battleaxe for P2's Bow.

Night Actions
Night actions are not posted in the thread. They are communicated to the GM. Night periods last two days. Every night, you may take one of three actions.

Build a shelter - You get +2 defense for the night
Move to a different area
Attack - In order to attack, you must know where your target is. Aka, you must PM me something like ďIím attacking X person in Y area.Ē If you get the wrong area, the attack does not go through. If you are attacking someone who is moving from one region to another, naming either region in the attack is considered correct.

It is not required to act during the night; you may simply stay put. But every night action you do choose to take must be PMed to me.

Special abilities / weaknesses
Every character has a special ability, reflecting his class. They will be useful throughout the game. Some characters also have weaknesses for others to exploit.

Hidden mechanics
There are hidden mechanics, but hereís all you have to know: The audience wants an entertaining show. Make sure they get one or Iíll make it one.

Any questions? Just ask.

Please post here and tell me which class you want to belong to.