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Thread: [REQ] Translation to Rakuen e by Miku Hatsune, Aihan and The Farewell Song by KANAN

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    Default [REQ] Translation to Rakuen e by Miku Hatsune, Aihan and The Farewell Song by KANAN

    I would like a translation for Rakuen e by Miku Hatsune and the translation for Aihan and Uta to O Wakare wo by KANAN. Thank you in advance!

    Kanji for Aihan:相反/

    Kanji for The Farewell Song:うたとお別れを/

    Haha a little edit? I'm more likely to throw one of my other requests in here heh... heh... So I found a whole list of Original KANAN songs on the website (although I do realize some of the songs are on the website) if anyone fancies in romanizing and translating all the songs on the list that aren't on the website... that would be cool! Or at least do some? I just don't want any of you to feel weighed down by my sudden HUGE change in my request... Sorry about that... ^ ^;;

    This is the website with the Kanji for all the KANAN songs:
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