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I like looking at different types of file trees.

Otherwise, I kind of like some crabapple trees. They look really good in the spring. Bit of a pain to mow around and under, though.
Wow, beutifull tree man.

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I like a lot but I guess Japanese Maple, Hysteria and Palm Trees. I also like any tree that gives flowers...
You... You... YOU HAVE 666 POSTS!!! >:|


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Uh... cherry trees, redwood trees. I like fruit trees, they have pretty blossoms.
Thise are nice trees, most prefurable for me the redwood. They are huge, smell realy nice and some are thousand years old.
I guess you can kind Of compare them to old people, ahahahaha! X)

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I like Willow Trees :3

They provide excellent shade when you sit under them, and a bit of privacy if they hang low enough, I love sitting under them and just relaxing.
Good point. I like how there leeves blow in the wind, there all loose and lazy.