1.) I am logged into Facebook 24/7 via iPhone.
2.) I have a set order of sites that I check daily when I turn on my laptop.
3.) Totally did not stay up till 5AM playing Crystal Saga.
4.) I attend school, have two jobs, and am not stressed. O__O
5.) I've been thinking about the oldies that used to come here, and might I say I miss them all dearly.
6.) Moving to Hollywood at the end of this year. ^__^
7.) I am terrified of how I'll handle myself once I move out. (Luckily my friends will be there every step of the way.)
8.) I've only recently begun replying to threads after a few years of inactivity.
9.) When I eat it/have a nasty fall from my longboard, I stop boarding for months on end.
10.) I <3 tosh.0!