Hey all. Thought I'd give you a sample of my work. This is a tokusatsu fanfiction of kamen rider. In it, two teenage girls who are deeply in love with each other are given the rider belt system, and together they form a single kamen rider, kamen rider yuri. It's written from a third person perspective, because I try to emulate you watching a TV show, where the camera is the third person. I think it doesn't work very well in text, but let me know in the comments. As far as the opening song I chose is concerned, I didn't want to use it, but I really can't find a song related to lesbians that sounds like the opening to a action show as well.

Kamen Rider Yuri

-Episode 1 pre-credits scene-
A 33 year old brown haired woman wearing a lab coat sits in a dark office at a desk, drawers full of CDs and loose papers, typing away at a computer. The camera pans forward to show a black, lowercase H shaped, metallic device in a plastic chamber. On the upper right is a jagged shaped opening. The chamber is locked tight with a thumb print scanner and a numeric keypad.

A voice is heard off screen. “How's the driver system coming along, Asakuki?”

The brown haired woman responds, not looking up from the computer monitor. “Coming along great, Chikako. A few more tests and we should be ready.” The brown haired woman reaches into a drawer and pulls out a black key shaped device.

A 30 year old black haired woman walks onto the screen in a business suit style outfit. She speaks in the same off screen voice. “That's good news. This will really help a lot of people.” She begins to pull something out of her suit jacket. The brown haired woman is too engrossed in the monitor to notice the black haired woman pulling out a gun.

The brown haired woman speaks. “It certainly will. I can't wait to test this out.”

The black haired woman smirks, and without warning, pulls the trigger on her gun, shooting the brown haired woman in the right shoulder. The brown haired woman screams in pain and falls out of the chair, the black key dropping next to her. She begins to pull herself up, screaming “What are you doing?” only to get shot in the left knee. The brown haired woman crumples to the floor, bleeding. The black haired woman speaks. “The only way to save humanity from itself is to destroy it.” The brown haired woman speaks up. “What?” and the black haired woman simply responds “Humanity is too sick and diseased to be saved. I will purge the disease from this planet.” and reaches down to pick up the key shaped device, only to have it grabbed from her by the brown haired woman, who speaks. “No! I won't let you! This is not the way to help humanity.” The black haired woman grabs the key and glares down the woman, and smacks the brown haired woman with the butt of her gun, knocking the brown haired woman out. She grabs the key from her unconscious partner's hand and heads to the chamber and punches the code into the numeric keypad, opening the plastic chamber. She then grabs the metallic driver device from the chamber, smirking, and she slaps it to her waist. A metallic belt shoots out from the sides, encasing the woman's waist. She then takes the key and holds it up, and shouts “henshin!” and slams the key into the opening, and turns it. The camera pans away, showing the room encasing in a black light.

-Cue opening credits and theme-
-Opening song: I'm in serious crap, I feel totally lost, if I'm asking for help it's only because being with you has opened my eyes. Could I ever believe such a perfect surprise? I keep asking myself, wondering how. I keep closing my eyes, but I can't block you out. Wanna fly to a place where it's just you and me. Nobody else so we can be free. (Nobody else so we can be free.) All the things she said, all the things she said, running through my head, running through my head, running through my head. All the things she said, all the things she said, running through my head, running through my head. This is not enough. (This is not enough.)

-Character Biographies-

Asasuki: 33 year old brown haired japanese woman. She is the biological mother of Sana and created the yuri rider driver system and the prototype rider driver system. A woman who lost her husband years ago, she has once again found love in another woman; Chikako.

Chikako: 30 year old black haired japanese woman. She is the biological mother of Naomi and co-created the prototype rider driver system. ex-lover of Asasuki. She turned traitor and decided instead to use her knowledge of the rider system to attempt to destroy humanity, which she feels is diseased and incurable.

Sana: 14 year old brown haired japanese girl. She is about average height for a girl her age and is very shy and reserved about herself in public, but has a secret lifestyle she keeps from everyone. When she's not wearing her school uniform, you can see her in very long skirts and tight but not revealing at all clothing. She has a piercing in each ear and wears glasses. Her hobbies include shogi and computers in public, but in private she enjoys playing adult games, collecting figurines of scantly clad female anime characters, and enjoying adult magazines and doujin aimed towards males. She holds the rider keys yellow, green, and purple.

Naomi: 14 year old dark haired japanese girl. She is a bit taller then other girls her age and is very boyish in her mannerisms and appearance. She openly identifies as a full blown japanese dyke, and is not afraid to show it. When she's not wearing her school uniform, you can see her in ratty jeans and dark shirts that are two sizes too big for her. She has a lip piercing and perhaps piercings in other places. Her hobbies include motorcycle repair, kendo, and ninjutsu. She became the co-recipent of the rider system after her mother turned traitor and attempted to kill her. She holds the rider keys red, orange, and light blue.