In this thread I intend you to say what was your favourite battle(s) from the so called Big 3 Animes/Manga, Naruto, Bleach and One Piece

So here are my choices:

Still Naruto vs Pain, I guess.

Naruto vs the masked guy will probably be the best (along with the inevitable Naruto vs Sasuke in the end of the series) but wasn’t fabulou so far, though it involve's Naruto evolving: he has mastered Kyuubi’s chakra and against Pain the Sennin Mode.

Itachi & Sasuke vs Kabuto was also sugoi, to see Kabuto transformed in a dragon and managing to cut down Sharingan’s genjutsus but not resisting Izanami. This fight was good but to short.

Other’s very very good as well:
Madara vs the 5 Kages (just INSANELY good, shame that it's probably going to end next chapter with the break of Edo Tensei)
Pain vs Girayia (guess I don't need to say why)

4-tailed Naruto vs Orochimaru

Shikamaru vs Hidan (what a strategie that genious pull out to defeat an imortal oponent!)

Of course, Naruto vs Sasuke in the End Valley was epic by it’s meaning of the 2 friend destined to face themselves battling, but of course not in terms of power.
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One Piece

Luffy vs Magalland
Luffy vs Lucy
(because they were both so intense and Luffy was completey ended up when he won)

Luffy vs Hodi Jones was pretty good, but, despite needing the blood transfusion from Jinbe to survive, I think he was so much stronger than Hodi that the battle was not as good as the two previous.
[IMG]file:///C:%5CUsers%5CPedro%5CAppData%5CLocal%5CTemp%5Cmsoh tmlclip1%5C01%5Cclip_image002.jpg[/IMG]But I'm sure Luccy vs Caesar will surpass the previous one and maybe/probably be the best one so far.

And also, since OP has such a infint plot (and so good it's like that!) I forecast another pretty GREAT battles:
Luffy vs Akainu (will definetely happen)
Luffy vs Aokiji (has to happen)
Luffy vs Smoker (will definetely happen)
Luffy vs Teach (will definetely happen)

Luffy vs Kid (I see Kid becoming one of the Youkou and Luffy beating him up with dificulty)

Luffy vs Law (when they ended up Big Mom, Law will probably try to become the Youkou instead of Luffy and he'll have to clear things up and show he's better :P)

Luffy vs Hawkins or Drake (just a random guess)

Luffy Big Mom (ft. Law :P)
Luffy vs Do Flamingo (his habilites are pretty much unknown but in the Marinerford arc he seemed the strongest Sichibukai along with Miwak)

(leaving Mihawk for Zoro so that he become the best swordsman and surpass his mentor )

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DEFINETELY Ichigo vs Aizen, it was awesome and surprising to testify Ichigo’s almost impossible evolution, blocking all Aizen's attaks with aparent easiness, it was simply perfect and had also a great end, with Ichigo having to use Final Getsuga

a Tenshou and temporarily losing his Shinigami powers while the imortal Aizen was set up for prision (I hope he manages to escape
and fight Ichigo in the last arc, they’re destined to fight eachother to the death in the end of the manga!).
Algo pretty good battles were:
Ichigo vs Byakuya (the conflit of two men with so distant points of view about reality)
Ichigo vs Kenpachi (guess the reason is obvious)
Ichigo vs Ulquiorra (Ichigo's transformation was incredibly powerfull)

Ichigo vs Grimjaw (they faced each other 3 times!! it was very intense but I personly think Grimjaw gave to much fight for the Espada nº6, Ichigo should've won it more easily)

Ichigo vs Ginjou (very good battle as well, revealing Ichigo's determination and when Ginjou died he showed once more his forgiving and good heart)

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And that's all! :P hope you enjoy commenting!