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Thread: Wolf XXVI Gangster Movies Edition[Sign up thread]

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    Default Wolf XXVI Gangster Movies Edition[Sign up thread]

    Note that this will be wolf using the older set of rules so please read thoroughly.

    Welcome to version 26 of Wolf!


    How to sign up: Whoever wishes to play, can. The more the merrier. If you wish to play just write something along the lines of, "I want to play." and you will automatically be added on the player list.

    How to play: The game is simple enough. During the Day Phase, players vote for who they suspect to be a Wolf (the "bad guys"; players hiding amongst the others). The person with the most votes gets lynched, their role being revealed, before Night Phase begins. During the Night Phase, wolves decide which player they'd like to kill, while Town players with special roles (more on that later) perform their own actions.

    How to win:

    Town: Kill all wolves.

    Wolves: Bring number of Town members to the same number as that of the wolves.

    Day Phase: During this day time phase all the players my vote on who they suspect to be the Wolf. Be careful; wolves can vote as well, attempting to sway the votes their way...

    Night Phase: Each Night Phase is when players with night actions can perform said actions.

    Note: Each phase will be 24 hours long. The times that the phases start will change. Day phase will start at 7 PM GMT-0 ending at 7 PM the next day and triggering the beginning of the Night Phase, which in turn ends at 7 PM the next day.

    Roles: Every player receives a role. The roles are as following.

    Doctor: The doctor is represented by Anna Khitrova (Eastern Promises). Each night phase the Doctor is to PM me with one name of a player he/she wishes to save.

    Masons : There are 4 Masons. These characters are represented by Tom, Soap, Eddy and Bacon (Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) These four characters all know who the other is. They have no other special abilities. Since these players know one another, they should be able to use this fact in strategical talk and perhaps sway the votes of the other players during the day phase.

    Seer: This player is represented by Donnie Brasco (Donnie Brasco). This role has the ability to uncover one other player and see what role he/she is playing .

    Mayor: This player is represented by Elliot Ness (The Untouchables). This character is the advantage of having his/her vote count for two and breaking ties. (Should his/her vote be cast upon one of the tied players)

    Assassin: This character is represented by Kayser Soze (The Usual Suspects). This character may kill one player per night phase.

    Alpha Wolf: This Character is represented by Don Corleone (The Godfather) in the event of a ties wolf vote the person selected by the Don will by lynched.

    Gangsters(Wolves) Every night, these characters will consult with each other privately on who they would like to kill. Then PM the Night Phase host.

    Townie: Townies are characters with no special ability, They will vote like everybody else during the day phase for who they think is a wolf.


    - All votes must be in bold. They will not be counted otherwise.

    - You must vote once per day. Anyone caught not voting on either consecutive Day Phases or three days total will be inactive-killed. Remember, posting does not constitute a vote. (Unless your vote is bolded.)

    Rule Changed-If you have already voted and wish to change your vote, there is still time during that same Day Phase. To do so recast your vote once more by bolding the name of the new player, and also mention who you are changing the vote from in bold.
    Example: I would like to change my vote from Peter to Roger.

    -Do not post again if you have died until AFTER the entire game is over. Once that happens, then you may post again.

    -Once Day Phase has ended you may no longer post anything in the thread.

    -Do not post in this thread if you are not involved with the game or if you are not a Mod.

    - Role-claim (the "art" of telling people, in PMs or in-thread, that you have a specific role) at your own risk.

    - Arguments and disagreements are ok, so long as no downright flaming or trolling breaks out.

    Finally, I'd like to show my appreciation to Smile1010 and , who originally wrote this post for version 2. Your hard work saved me some time putting together .

    Also credit should go to Rebel for the stramlined set of rules.

    Note: This is just the sign ups thread, a game thread will be added when enough players have joined.


    Dark Butterfly
    Cheese the saurus Rex
    River Kingston
    The Rebel
    Darkfire Knight
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