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Thread: Digimon songs corections.

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    Question Digimon songs corections.

    I was just listening to the Going Digital from Digimon and there quite a few mistakes in the Lyrics. Could someone please help.
    Her they are:
    1, 2, hey....!

    I'm heading off on a digital trip
    And that's what I plan to do!
    I'm going away to a digital plain
    And I ain't coming back real soon!

    The whole thing is electrical!
    It's running through my veins
    And everything's connectable!

    Hey! The Digital....Hey!, world, world!

    1, 2, 3, hey....!

    I'm going digital!
    Completely digital!
    Now I'm invincible!
    Let's all get digital!

    I stand around at the digital land
    And no matter what I see
    Everything is coming at me
    In a digital reality!

    The whole thing's technological!
    It's taking me inside
    A world wide web collectible!

    Hey! The Digital....Hey!, world, world!

    It's such a digital...!
    I'm going digital!
    It's my digital...!
    It's my digital world! World! World! World!

    The whole thing's interchangable!
    And wired up to my mind
    Where anything is capable!

    Hey! Digital....Hey!, world, world!

    I'm going digital!
    Completely digital!
    Now I'm invincible!
    Let's all get digital!

    Also please post any other problems with the lyrics on this forum.
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