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Thread: My review of Anime Amino - (the iPhone/iPod Touch social app for Anime fans)

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    Thumbs up My review of Anime Amino - (the iPhone/iPod Touch social app for Anime fans)

    On occasion I will search the app store for new Anime/Manga apps. As I was browsing recently, I found one that I'm pretty excited about. Below is my review of the app just in case some of you were interested.

    Purpose of the App:
    A safe place for Anime fans to come together from all over the world and talk with one another about Anime, Manga & J-Culture. Basically, it's a the Facebook exclusively for Anime fans. Or another way to look at it, is a convention that never stops.

    Things I like about it:
    It's free
    It's really easy to meet really nice people who love anime and manga.
    It's really clean - no spam, no garbage.
    You can discover a lot of new anime related things you didn't know about before.
    You can see people around your area and around the world who love anime.

    Things I don't really like:
    There are probably tens of thousands of people on the app, but I wish there were more! Especially if you're in a very remote area.
    You can't swear on the app… but I guess that's the price of keeping the community clean.

    If you download the app, you can follow me - my user name is Eggz

    Check out the app

    Hope you enjoyed this review.

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