OOC: Such an innocuous question... sounds like something to be punished!

Enoch grin widened, "A hope now am I? Stop you'll make me blush!" He chuckled to himself, distinctly comfortable with his interactions with the manifestation. Manifestation of what, he could not be certain. Perhaps merely a embodiment of his own imploding sanity, or perhaps some external thing. It was interesting in its own ways. "Though 'hope' is a fitting term for me, I suppose" For that is all he would ever be... a hope. Like the lottery. Random, unlikely to benefit but still one might try. If one was so foolish. If he was hope.... he didn't like being in the box. He'd have to talk to Pandora about letting him out.

" Do I believe in God? Is that the question you ask... or are you asking 'Do I believe there is no god?' the questions you see are very different. I find that people always ask the one but mean the other. Going forward make sure you engineer your language specifically as I am wont to interpret you literally. In any case, today I will be charitable and be circumspect in my reply.

"I do not believe that there needs to be a God. A God is not logically necessitated by anything I see. Now keep in mind when I use the term 'God' I refer to an omnipotent, omniscient entity that exists in a state of perfect. God with a captial 'G' if you will. Now there is also the notion of 'gods' by which I mean incredible powerful entities often relegate to an element or concept (e.g. water, fire, justice, wisdom) with great power over their element and indeed great power in general. These I will call 'deities' from here forward and state that i do not believe in them either. Again, they are not logically necessary for the world to be as it is. That said, I will never say that their cannot be a God or deities. While not logically necessary, they are still logically possible. So when I say that I do not believe in them, I am stating that their is no logical reason for them to exist though they very well could. Think of as akin to me asking if you believe there is currently a three legged man in this world. Its existence is not necessary or even likely, so you would, with good cause, be skeptical of the claim. That said, you would have no reason to say 'there is no such thing' because it is possible."

"So I repeat, I do not believe in God."