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Thread: Sign-Up: Black Rose Academy - Reaper Training Program

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    <font color="silver">Name: Finrir Gilgamesh
    Age: 17
    Cause of Death: Forest Fire
    Date of Death: December 25, 2011
    Gender: Female
    Minion: None
    Classes: The Art of Reaping and Field Study
    Appearance: See attached Personality: Finrir is a very soft-spoken almost hopelessly shy person. She doesn't make eye contact and appears generally afraid of everything around her. She scares easily and stands alone in a drunken daze. Rumor have spread that her life as a human was taxing to say the least. Most believe she has yet to believe she is really dead and at night her soft sobs flutter about the dorm. Though this is only the first layer of Finrir Gilgamesh. Under this fluid beauty cowardly women lays a stone hearted killer. Finrir calls this person Gilgamesh and fears her immensely. Even put under to much pressure or something triggers her hate of being contained Gilgamesh is awakened.

    Background: Born a Gilgamesh in modern day Europe Finrir's family was of high class and noble status. he was subject to lectures and briefings on the workings of a lady yet her tender personality kept her from opening to anyone around her, beside the maid. Together they talked about the world that she would never be allowed to she. The lush forest around the mountainous family estate was pack with wild life. Finrir enjoyed listening to the birds sing the world into existence and felt herself lifted when the river ran quickly after a rainy night. Nature pleased her so much. It's purity reminded her of herself. And they were also the same in one other area. The forest could not move. It was forced to bloom in this one set area, never to leave till time took grasp of it's life. She felt sorry for the forest.

    On her birthday Finrir received only one gift. It was a proposal letter from a distance prince. He had desired to take her own as his wife. The Gilgamesh family grew in power that day. At 17 she was wed to this boy only 16 yet handsome and his face was so kind. She believed she was saved and could see the world with this man. She fell in love. The night of her honeymoon her husband was no where to be found. Depressed when she found out they would spend it in there families house, the same location as the wedding, she wondered the grounds. he was nowhere to be found. Wondering into the forest she followed a dim light. As she approached she heard voices. Her husband and her father. Both men stood around a camp fire drinking and laughing at family tales. Finrir did not want to disturb then.

    As she turned to leave something caught her attention. The calling of her name. Her husband yelled it loudly yet so deep in the forest no one sleeping at the estate could hear. What came next shaped the fabric of her essence. Her husband talked of the inner workings of the wedding. How he would own everything once she was dead. How his heart would be so broken to lose such a soul. Her light would never be replicating in his heart. The smirk on his face brought tears to her eyes and in a fit of frustration, and fear she took hold of a large log and cracked it across his face. it exploded into a flurry of shrapnel and dust and before her father could even stand she grasp the container of lighter fluid used for the fire and sprayed them all. They ignited into a blaze of light that spread across the forest and eat the estate. No Gilgamesh survived ad the family collapsed. As everything burned Finrir's laughter filled the inferno everything crashing around as her face finally cracked it's first true smile.

    Teacher Alert:
    Name: Sir Bastion vi Brandford (Professor Brand) was given this name by Runewerk
    Age: Unknown from his knowledge and the way he speaks most believe him to have lived when man first walked the year. From his speech, which is a mix of Old English, modern day, Japanese, Russian, and mostly Egyptian one can tell he is of Ancient legacy. He appears to be in his 40's.
    Date of Death: Unknown is at least 850
    Gender: Male
    Minion: A hawk, and a Python:
    Position: Professor of Magic
    Appearance: See attached
    Personality: Bastion has that very old man grandfather feels. He moves slowly, forgets things, smiles a lot and speaks about his body not being what it used to be, or back in the day. He is a very kind and gentle man whom treats all his students and even the faculty like children. He minds not scorning someone for misbehavior or even mediating a conflict. He loves to she children learning and rowing into strong Reapers.
    Bio: Bastion has no memories of the past nor his age nor whereabouts before the Civil War. At that time he was a Master Reaper. he worked under a Great and learned much. At times he was ushered away because when as some of the great where ancient in age he was older. During the Shortage he worked alongside Rune everyday. he was drawn to her soul and found it peaceful and caring. After the school opened his accept his invite to teach. Things come and go through his mind. A disease that only effects Reapers slowly takes his memories away. it is a well kept secret between Rune and himself, and a few select others and because so Teachers check up on him regularly, like helping one's Grandfather around the house. he is a wonderful educator and his student graduate without fail. His track record is amazing to say the least yet most dislike his class because he moves at such a slow base, leaving no child behind. In the deepest corner of his mind Bastion can see oceans of sands, cries of pain and the sounds of whips. Within this fog of confusion a essence is illuminated. he believes it's his memories yet cannot remember to save his life. Only when gathered around students, teachers, or preforming his duties as a Reaper can he remember some details. Maybe that figure was a structure?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version

Name:	fenrirhuman.png‎
Views:	156
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ID:	63138   Click image for larger version

Name:	WeepyOldKiller_MihalMihaeroff.jpg‎
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