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I didn't make a mistake. I'll say I'm wrong when I find out if your a wolf or not.

I didn't realize I had to make a defense? Hmm, well here goes. I'm not the only one that talked to Meme that phase, just so you know. And we didn't really get into anything, I simply confused him when he didn't realize I was talking in general and not at him. So I don't see why this meme thing matters. But whatever floats your boat. Is that better for you, are you satisfied? I'll be the one facepalming when you guys decide to lynch me. Not you. Either vote for me or not.

And no ones insulting you bro. So chill out.
I'm completely chill. I'm playing this game. Weren't you the one who said "the time is now". Before I give a final explanation I just wanted to inform you that calling someone butthurt is an insult any way you decide to cut it.

Btw I'm not 100% voting you out yet, time is left in the game so no fear. BUT you are suspicious but this doesn't mean you're the wolf. Just like my past comment reflects the same conclusion. If you want to deny the mistake then you may.

Just very weird you showed zero care you'd be throwing yourself in the fire. Only a wolf would think that way.