... gone into the porn business. There's a LOT of guys out their who get hard for chicks who can "age play". Trust me, I'd pay some good money to see this chick dance naked at a strip club.

Here's some info I got on her from IMDB. Some large pics are included so I have put it in a spoiler box.


Actress name: Dani Jayden Miura
Is known for: Playing an underage teen on To Catch a Predator
Name of character: (same as real name)
Date of birth: January 26, 1988
Current age (as of the time of me making this blog post): 24
Date of filming of segment of To Catch a Predator that she was in: January 30, 2007
Age at that filming date: 19

Date below 2 photos were taken on: February 19, 2010
Age at that date: 22

These 2 pics also have large versions (bigger than max size allowed on tinypic so no reuploads as I did with IMDB pics, instead I'll just link you to the corresponding web pages).
Big size for pic 1: http://lostfilm.info/photo_actor/596428/511838/
Big size for pic 2: http://lostfilm.info/photo_actor/596428/511839/

Date below photo was taken on: January 16, 2010
Age at that date: 21

Sadly, this pic doesn't have a larger version, cause I think she looks real good in this pic.