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Thread: Innocent Sorrow

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    Default Innocent Sorrow

    Innocence is the essence of purity. The life that will never hold malice nor hate. That cold nobility that radiates power, it shines brightly when surrounded by the ignorant. The sorrow that shapes the world is blanketed by light, appearing surreal and warm. How foolish to think this world is so kind. The dull grey skies above crack open and flood the universe in pain. Who am I to stop it. We humans are born in and of sin; we begin to die the moment we take breath in this world
    The Innocence of coming. That white fire that consumes creation, unforgiving in contempt of those whom would name themselves God's. What a foolish idea. Freedom, love, Life. If words could kill? You have forgotten the purity of light and have fallen in darkness. That is untrue. how can whom forget when one never knew. My father was an evil man. He stalker of women and child. A demon by all rights. When I was 6 he took my sister from me. A few years later my mother, those it was not direct. Depression was her killer, he was its breeder. So i learned to hate this world for what it is. A lie.
    Why not make a difference and do some good? How is it possible when the word itself is a lie? What makes something good or bad? Right or wrong. Light or Dark. It's the perception of these things that forms opinions and from that comes decisions. These choose form a nexus of judicial deliberation that ultimately lead to death. All things are governed by chooses and as such are led by Death. This is the way of the world.
    I have forgotten the Innocence of reality. The warm feeling of love and the honor of happiness. To gain such is the hardest ordeal known to mankind. Yet it is of our own doing. Do the birds not sing at first light? Is that not happiness in and of itself? Then why can't we as human be so simple as birds? Is it because they have freedom and we do not? What separates a man and bird other then the sky? Tsk. Even I do not know.
    Why do we kill then? Why take a life? Why follow someone into battle and give your life for them? That on the other hand is a fair easier question It begins with a simple question. "What's the difference between a king and his horse? I don't mean kiddy crap like "One's a person and one's an animal" or "One has two legs and one has four." If their form, ability and power were exactly the same, why is it that one becomes the king and controls the battle, while the other becomes the horse and carries the king?! There's only one answer. Instinct! In order for identical beings to get stronger and gain the power they need to become king, they must search for more battles and power! They thirst for battle, and live to mercilessly, crush, shred, and slice their enemies! Deep, deep within our bodies lies the honed instinct to kill, and slaughter our enemies! It's this undeniable craving for battle, the bloodlust manifested through years of struggle and pain. This allows one to step forth as a unmistakable God of War, one powerful enough to crush his enemies not out of hate, love, sorrow, pain, or obligation, but because that being sees everything as an enemy. Which fights harder the predator or the prey?

    The Predator because he smells the fear, the blood of the prey and knows he is the King. This fuels his thirst and forces him to find more prey. Till finally none stand before him. This is how God's are born. Till the world accepts this fact it will be forever lost. history has proven it time and time again. We cannot function as individuals.

    After all 1 is a greater number then 5.
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