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Thread: AF's Poetry Contest

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    Default AF's Poetry Contest

    (Signature by MaruDashi)

    Hello AF and welcome to AF's very own Poetry Contest, hosted by Kagami Sama. Being your host, I can ensure that this contest will last an average of one month with the winner of this contest receiving an edited trophy, also going to be created by the great MaruDashi. Are you interested in Poetry? Are you interested having your poem read by hundreds of people? Well now you'll have that very chance! I can confirm the winner of this poetry contest will get their poem "advertised" through xbox live via my entire friends list and also on other populated forums, with full credit and your AF gamertag. Even if you aren't interested in Poetry, you are allowed to post an original poem on here in hopes of making the top eight, which will also be round two of the contest. Runner-Up may or may not get a prize, which information on that is still in the early stages but confirmation will be sent out by round two latest. Now I bet some of you are wonderng where the sign ups are? Well no fear! There isn't any sign ups. Round one is meant to be an open format round in which anyone can post a poem and our trustworthy judges will then judge after three weeks which poems and users made the cut for round two. Now let me take some time to introduce our judges and the rules they MUST follow.

    MaruDashi: A respected member and moderator of the forum and a very trustworthy member infact. MaruDashi is also the graphics mastermind behind this contest.

    Ominous Cloud: Being the moderator of the poetry forum and the one that confirmed this idea, it isn't a shock have Ominous as one of our three judges.

    Tetsanosuke: A great poetry writer and our third judge. He joined AF around the 2006 time and era.

    Judge Rules
    1: All Judges must be present on five-six occasions for this contest so they can judge the work and maybe even introduce themselves to newer users who may not be aware who they are. The first known date is May 12th 2012. The second known date is May 13th 2012. The third known date is three weeks from the start of this contest. The fourth known date is June 1st. The fifth known date is June 4th(depending on circumstances). The final known date is the finale.

    2: All Judges must be fair and non biased. Even if a poster is your friend doesn't mean they deserve special treatment so I can ensure all users they shall do just that. Be fair and great judges.

    3: Judges cannot participate in the contest other than judging and answering questions posted by users.

    4: Judges are allowed to terminate your existence in this contest if they feel you cheated or broke the rules. Remember, unless this is the finale they don't need to go through me for this rule.

    Now that you've heard the rules needed to be followed by the judges, let's begin with the rules the users themselves need to follow.

    Rules to be followed by Users
    1: All poems must be original and by you. If you cheat or copy a poem that isn't by you, expect to be terminated from the contest.

    2: All poems must be a least eight lines minimum and a thirty line maximum. Please remembe this rule might or might not chance for the finale

    3: Users for round one do not need to sign up. Just post a poem using the second rule making sure they use a title for their poem and a small description on it.

    4: All users have a two poem minimum for round one.

    5: Post the poem on THIS thread, using rules two - four.

    6: No complaining if you lose. Sore losers irritate me and your fellow users.

    7: No asking to be a judge for a possible second edition of this until the end of the game and no asking me or judges for a free pass into the second round. Cheating does not work.

    8: No spamming. This could mean three straight post or trolling this contest. Immediate action will be taken place against all who spam/troll this contest.

    And there you have it! I hope the rules seem fair and justified and it seems rather easy to follow. Remember, I want you guys and girls to have fun while doing this so feel free to talk on this thread to others, making sure at least you don't spam and such. With three rounds this contest as said early in this thread will take around one mont to finish. The judges wil be using a special point system in which they'll judge on the first round of this contest on flow, creativity and how well your poem connects with your description. The description doesn't need to be long. Just a good three sentence summary will do. Round one starts now with no sign ups and anyone can post their own poetry (can be a poem you've shared to AF in the past) and have fun while doing it. No form of poetry and no topics are going to be forced on users until round two so basically the poem can be any form of poetry and about any topic you choose. Any guest viewing this is asked to maybe sign up for AF and try this out!

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