Huff.. Huff.. AF. Lend me your ears! AF is being overrun with another generic zombie situation.. I went into the blog section and guess what I found? I'm too.. huff.. huff.. Too terrified to tell you. Heck the General Anime section is being attacked by the living dead! I think Kaitou+ is infected but I'm not quite sure. Huff.. The AF shop has fallen to them.. Actually this forum section might be our last.. last line of defense! Call the Teen Titans.. Call the Ghost Busters.. I don't know call Kaitou Ace BUT hurry.. Huff. AF is in turmoil and we need to get ready. I know! We can talk about zombies in a forum like thread. Ha! Yes that's the.. Huff.. I think I lost them. Phew. Now I can.. wait I got a phone call. Its Blueangel.. .. The.. The chat is being attacked by zombies now. Urgh. Gotta hurry while I have time.

If AF was attacked by Zombies, who would you suspect being the mastermind? How would you combat them? Have an AF zombie plan?

.. Huff.