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Thread: [Naruto Fanfiction] The Raven

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    Cool [Naruto Fanfiction] The Raven

    My stomach whined and begged futilely for food; however I had none to give. As I was returning to the shoddy and decrepit apartment where I lived, sensed a presence behind me in the rain. How far the distance between us, I did not know nor did I care. All I knew was that I needed to get away. Light on my toes, I continued walking toward the apartment. Somehow, the presence of the shinobi felt...familiar. Slipping my hand into my weapon pouch, I slowly clamped my hand onto the handle of a kunai and pulled it out into a defensive stance. Whirling around to see who my pursuer was, I came face to face with a tall figure enshrouded in a black cloak. Crimson clouds stitched onto the fabric seemed to act as an emblem. The face illuminated by the few streetlamps belonged to none other than Itachi Uchiha, the man who massacred his entire clan save for his little brother. My whole body began to quiver in fear.
    With both hands, I shakily held onto the kunai for dear life. The S-classed criminal closed his eyes for a moment. When he reopened them, I could see the three tomoe in the red sclera of his eyes. I knew then that he possessed the notorious Sharingan. Itachi spoke a single word that escaped my ears. All the sudden, my consciousness was ripped out of my body, only to arrive in a plane stained with blood. Opening his mouth, Itachi began, "Please Naruto, do not be afraid. I have not returned to Kohonagakure to harm you. However, I am here to warn you of what is to come." He paused and then said, "This realm in which we stand is but a metal projection in our minds. A special doujutsu born only to the Uchiha, the Sharingan. Please take a seat so I may explain."
    Nodding vigorously, I said,"Yes Itachi-san. May I ask why you killed your entire clan?"
    Chuckling, Itachi said, "There's no need to address me as such boy." He then said, his voice becoming somber and his expression grim, "I cannot tell you for it is an S-class secret. However, the organization I joined is known as the Akatsuki led by Madara Uchiha. You know from your history lessons that he fought Hirashima Senju for the title of Hokage many years prior to this age. But he is very much alive. Be wary of the Akatsuki and do not engage them in combat by any means necessary. As you know, you are the Jinchurriki of the Kyuubi no Yoko. Using all nine of the bijuu, Madara is attempting to control the world. The Akatsuki WILL hunt you down to extract your bijuu. This is my advice to you Naruto: leave this village when you are adequately strong enough to defend against jonin level enemies. Start a new hidden village and disappear from the world. In five years, they will come for you. When they do, do not hesitate to kill." Placing his hand on my forehead, I felt a jolt of pain.
    "What the hell was that for?" I asked, wincing as I gingerly rubbed my temples.
    "Aiding you for what is to come," Itachi replied in a cryptic manner. At my lost expression, he elaborated, "I have transferred my doujutsu to you as a gift. Tomorrow, your eyes will be quite sore and sensitive to light. I have also given you a complete understanding of a jutsu I have developed on my own. Not only is it a genjutsu, but also a swift mode of transportation. Though it is slower than other teleportation jutsus in the manner of time it requires to cast, Kuro Tori does not need much chakra than a kage bunshin, but with your large reserves, you will need to learn to control it at a finer depth. The main strategic point of this jutsu is to divert your opponent's attention so you may overpower them with ninjutsu or taijutsu. I bid you farewell and I hope our paths cross again in the future." My spirit left the crimson plane only to find that Itachi had vanished. Then I staggered toward my room and collapsed onto the stiff mattress.
    In a swirl of leaves, a masked figure appeared on the windowsill of my bedroom. A lithe form crept over to me. I noticed her long orchid purple hair shining in the silver light of the full moon. The mask she wore was in the likeness of a feline. Removing the mask, the anbu captain revealed a soft face with high cheekbones and a half teardrop shaped nose. Her violet eyes were brimming with worry as she knelt beside my mattress. "Are you okay Naruto-kun? I should have been here earlier," she scolded herself. "Did Itachi hurt you?"
    "I'm fine Neko-chan," I said, my entire body worn out. I looked up into her twinkling eyes and said, "Itachi came to warn me. He gave me a new technique and the sharingan. He's a good guy. He had a reason for killing his entire clan except for Sasuke. Don't tell anyone. I want this to stay between us. Promise?"
    Nodding, the purple haired woman resolved, "I promise, Naruto. If you're okay, I will leave you to sleep." She stood up and turned to leave the Inuzuka compound.
    The anbu assassin flinched as I spoke the meaning of her name and turned towards me. Her voice quivering, she asked, "Yes?"
    I smiled as I closed my eyes. "Thank you. You've done so much for me Yugao. I wish there was something I could do to repay you for your kindness." She simply shook her head and leaped out of the window.

    After having awoken before dawn, I stumbled down to the bathroom. Thinking what has transpired the night before had been but a ramen induced dream, I channeled some chakra into my eyes and looked into the mirror. My ocean blue eyes were gone and the blood-red form of the sharingan had taken its place. The three tomoe in the red sclera of my eyes became clearer. I blinked and my deep blue eyes grinned at me.
    "Naruto?" called a womanly voice from the door to my apartment. I put on a pair of pants and answered the door. A pale woman with lustrous silver hair that fell to her hips stood at the threshold. Her single visible gray eye seemed to wink as she waved. "Good morning Naruto," she said cheerfully. Her pert, round breasts bounced a little as I invited her inside.
    Rubbing the back of my head, I inquired, "Uh…what are you doing here so early in the morning Kaka-sensei? I was about to head to training ground seven. What's up, ne?"
    "From what I've heard from the academy, you're a dreadful case of a ninja. Apparently, the only techniques you can perform a henge, a kage bunshin and that perverted Oiroke no jutsu," answered Kakashi as she took a seat on the windowsill. "I've decided that I shall help you become stronger. We will go on a two month long training session in the forest. Would you like me to assist you in your training?"
    Remembering the gifts Itachi had bestowed upon me and the chakra control required, I answered, "I would be honored Kakashi-sensei. When will the training begin? What about-"
    As she placed her hand on my shoulder, I shivered. "Our training will not be held in the village itself, but in the Forest of Death," she said, interrupting me. "As for Sasuke and Sakura, I believe they can train by themselves for two months. Pack light for necessary provisions such as food and clothes. Of course, bring your ninja gear. We will leave tomorrow before daybreak."
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