Just gonna make it a 4-way battle.

Marudashi vs. Seung-li vs. Xanfiore vs. Tatty

Marudashi: The blending is nicely done here, and the butterflies help make the piece pop, although the butterfly in the top right doesn't blend in very well like the others do. The colors work well together, and it's apparent that Nami is the focus of the sig. The biggest downfall is the text. The font just feels kind of weird and doesn't fit the mood of the sig.

Seung-li: Your style shines through in this piece with a great combination of colors. Very nice and simple with overlapping layers to create depth. Text is a little hard to read, but the font works nicely with the rest of the piece. The biggest downfall here is that at first glance, it's hard to tell that it's one piece.

Xanfiore: The first thing that stands out is that the colors go very well together. The sig is simple, but brings out Nami quite nicely. The blue in the background is a nicely compliment to all the yellows and oranges in the sig. The text also works nicely.

Tatty: Your style also shines in this piece, creating depth with the overlapping words. The rising sun effect puts emphasis on Sanji which brings out the theme. It does feel like there needs to be something on the left side to balance the right side though. The biggest downfall here is that it's in black and white. Color would have brought this sig out much more.

This was a tough one for the judges to decide, but overall the win goes to @Xanfiore ! Congrats, and Ellipsis will get your badge up shortly, and don't forget to PM kaitou ace about your gashapon prize!