Hello! After watching the Lucky Star anime series which spans twenty four episodes, I really fell back into anime and was glad I finally watched this show. The main characters are as posted..





Konata is the main character of Lucky Star, nicknamed Kona Chan. Kagami and Tsukasa are fraternal twins with Kagami being the intolerent smart type, and Tsukasa being the type who sleeps in and needs help with her homework. Miyuki is the fourth main character, shown the least of the four though. She is often the target of sexual harassment from Kona Chan and is deathly afraid of the dentist and things going into her eyes, explaining why she hates contacts and has glasses.

Plot: The story has no ongoing plot but usually just follows the lives of the four main girls, giving their lives through Sophomore year - Senior year. Though the show has haters for that, I think its one of its best qualities and makes it rather unique.

Story: Like said in the plot, the anime has no great story, but that is what makes it an addicting show to watch.

Characters: With four main characters and nine sub characters, this show boasts a good number of unique characters, though my one negative is some of the best characters are rarely shown.

Art/Animation: The animation in this show looks a lot different than plenty of known anime shows and it almost adds a unique cute look too it, I like it. I see what the creator Kagami was going for.

Voice Acting/Music: The voice acting overall is great, minus the annoying voice of Patty(which is seen episode 16 on). Good music and it adds to the comic relief.

Overall Final Rating: 46/50. Mostly every category gets a perfect ten, minus two eights for Voice acting and character categories.

Stay tuned to my Lucky Star Ova review! Hope you enjoyed!