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Actually Scruffy did mention about King K. Rool trying to attack someone, but was blocked by Koop. So it is possible that no one gets killed if s/he is protected. Eh, why the statement? It makes you look like 'wolfy'. I have a gut instinct that you're not a wolf, but I have my eyes on you.

Do I sense non-enthusiasm here? And you're always trying to make DB buy something to prove his innocence. Why are you forcing him that much? Are you really just curious or are you a wolf? I still have my eyes on you.

I'd like to ask further, but you have a headache. I hope you get well soon.

Same goes to you Maru, hope you'll feel less moody soon.

Yeah, I'm glad that no one gets killed last night. Hmm, fair enough, what you said seems sound to me for now.

But you are bandwagoning. Why wait for tomorrow? Why don't you ask more questions? I'm suspicious of you, since you come and then just post once, and then you left again. I'll keep my eye on you.

I could've sworn that @Aleyna disliked Scruffy's post, but didn't post anything. Why? Care to share your input?

I want to know what @Darkfire Knight has to say. I'm more suspicious of DK, since he seems to be quite defensive in dp2.

By the way, why are you killed Hakoshi?? T_T You will be missed..


Since dp2 ended before I had a chance to reply. I forgot to answer this.

Yes, and the fact that she doesn't give a good explanation on her own to make her vote. It's almost like she's going with the flow. I won't say that she's a wolf, because I'm still not sure, but I'm suspicious of her.
Would you like me to put a billion happy faces on that post? Even I get tired of being peppy. I'm only suggesting he buy something, but for right now I suppose it doesn't matter.