@Scruffy stop rushing my brain to vote xD

anywho, a lot of posts
mostly between Suxry, and Munchman, then Darkfire, and such..

I still find xMatt suspicious though, since he seems to be doing hiding, and posting.. then strange,
as for Munchman my suspicions still remain, since I can't buy the whole.. thing of voting..
usually when you go onto a forum you usually (not 50% of the time) you get sent to the last post, ...so you could have seen that Xeiz had gotten lynched.. hich seems to be strange
even though about the time thing, a lot of people were confused since, no one had much warning ("10 minutes left for Day Phase to end" that sort of thing..)

anywho, time to make my vote xD
[Vote Lynch Munchman]

(this isn't a full on the rock vote, since I might change it, if I find xMatt suspicious, ..since he didn't seem to reply to Folter, or my suspicions.. or maybe I didn't notice.. xD )