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Thread: My script for an Anime Series

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    Default My script for an Anime Series

    1 English isnt my mother language so forgive the occasional mistake
    2. This is the first draft
    3. © goes to Reviewer03 - Oh wait I dont care if someone makes this I can sue him/her

    Episode 1 Aurora:
    A beautiful scenery of nature seen from the sky - woods and meadows stretch across miles
    until they reach the horizon - it is clear that this land has not yet been touched by humanity
    and its civilization.

    But this calm is suddenly interrupted. At the edge of the scenery there seems to be some kind of movement. White points - to far away from view to be identified - start to appear.

    At first there are only a few but within seconds these white points cover almost a third of
    the meadows that can be seen. And then these white object start to get bigger.

    The view is falling from the sky,nearing itself more and more to the ground and while it does so, one can finally recognize thouse white points for what they are - a heard of sheep.

    After passing the heard the view continues in the direction from which the sheep supposedly
    came and now other things start to appear - there are fences, tractors, plows and other agricultural equipment - this land was not untouched by humans after all.

    Now the first human built structures start to appear - stables for various animals, grain silos for the harvest and finaly an old farmhouse.

    Just by looking at it one could immediately tell that it had stood there for decades perhaps
    even for a century but despite its age it was of likeable design and in good shape - almost
    in perfect harmony with the nature surrounding it.

    The harmony could have lasted forever but it was soon disturbed by muted sounds and voices comming from inside the building. And they were growing louder.

    Without any warning the door of the house swung open and with a scream of anger
    a boy came flying out of it.

    In an instant he was lying face down on the ground - his body shaking from pain.

    Again a terrible scream of anger echoed from inside the house and then the perpetuator of this
    scream stepped out into the open.

    It was a massive hulk of a man, around 190 cm in height with brown hair a dense beard and
    a musculous body - proof of years of hard work at the farm.

    But something wasnt right with this man - his sight was fogged and he was shaky on his feet
    allmost as if he had problems with keeping his balance.

    Once he spoke it was confirmed - this man was drunk

    Man: "You little brat how dare you disagree with your own father! Im going to beat some sence in you! I pay for your food, for your education and I did everything for you after your mother died and this is how you repay me? As long as you live here you will not criticise my decisions and you will not contradict me! And now you will stay out here until you come to your sences!"

    The man graps the door handle and shuts the door with such force that the entire house seems to shake

    After the spectacle of human anger the view returns to the boy who is still lying on the ground

    He starts to move, tries to stand up but collapses to the ground - with great effort he manages to turn his body so that his face points heavenward.

    The youngster is badly wounded - his face is full of bruises and other wounds and from the way he moves, it is clear that other parts of his body have gone through a similar amount of beating.

    While watching the sky tears begin to appear in his eyes. "frell this life" the boy says - his voice full of sorrow

    The view again centers on the sky - it gets brighter and brighter and soon the sun appears and then everything goes white

    Now flashbacks of the past can be seen - memories of the boy from a time when life was happy and pleasant.

    A Family at a table - mother, father and son, laughing and enjoying life - the next scene the exact opposite of happiness - a woman in a coffin - a father and a son crying.

    Then a father drinking massive amounts of alcohol, flashes of beatings, fights and struggles.

    The boy opens his eyes - did he rest or had he been unconcious? - It didnt really matter - this time he manages to stand up and starts to approach the house.

    The door is open - and the sight in the living room a familiar one - a sleeping man on a seat infront of a running Television- empty bottles of alcohol surrounding him.

    With great effort the boy manages to climb the stairs to his room, locks himself in and collapses onto his bed.

    It is a strange room - atypical for an 18 year old boy - instead of posters of music bands or naked females, there are maps of conquest - The greatest extent of the Roman empire, the conquered territories by Alexander the great, the Japanese and German conquest in the Second World War and many others.

    And then there are books – de Bello Gallico by Caesar, Marx, Lenin, Stalin, the great Greek Philosophers, the Bible and Quran, Confucius and even Hitlers Mein Kampf.

    Suddenly the boy opens his eyes - thouse eyes are full of determination rarely seen in humans.

    He starts to look for something under his bed - a while later he pulls out a little wooden box which he eagerly opens

    The box contains a gun and some ammunition - for a moment the boy just stares at this object of death as if he was uneasy for some reason then he takes the gun into his hands.
    The living room hasent changed since the time the boy came back into the house - there was still a sleeping man surrounded by bottles of alcohol - with a television playing some old crime film.

    But there was one exception - now there was a son in the living room pointing a gun at his sleeping fathers chest

    The hand of the boy was shaking - if from the conflict within him or from the beating was unclear

    He could end it now - what future did he have with such a father anyway? He was living in the middle of nowhere he had not mother and no friends.

    In the movie a policeman was screaming "Dont do it we can still talk this out it was self defence - I know you are not a murderer!" But the villian of the movie just laugs, points a gun at the policeman and pulls the trigger.

    The view turns black while the echo of a gunshot keeps repeating itself for a few seconds

    The next scene starts with the boy walking through the woods. He has a huge backpack with camping euqipment with him

    At one point on the road he comes acros a sign which says "National Park - acess only for authorised personell "

    He ignores it and keeps on walking. After some time he comes to a river - it is allready starting to get dark

    The boy decides to spent the night here - he builds his tent gathers some wood and makes a fire. While eating supper he watches the sky which is now black but illuminated by thousands of stars

    Suddenly the boy turns his head around - he heard something - a human voice - or was that just his imagination?

    "It cant be father" the boy thought "and besides him the nearest people are over 10 kilometers away from here"

    For a while the boy listened but he didnt hear anything - so he dismissed it and went to sleep.

    The next day the boy continued his journey across the national park marvelling at the beauty of nature - realizing that he was happy for the first time in years - perhaps for the first time since his mother died. He didnt care where his journey would take him nor how long he would be able to continue. He just wanted to walk

    Soon it started to get dark again and this time the boy decided to camp in the middle of the forest. While building his tent he heared a voice calling him - this time it was so loud and clear that he couldnt dissmiss it as something from his imagination. "Are they searching for me allready?" the boy mumbled to himself - "after all it has been just 2 days."

    Again he listened and this time he did hear something - footsteps or an animal perhaps.

    It was getting closer - the boy started to feel a glimmer of fear - he pulled his knife and cursed himself for not bringing the gun with him. But he didnt want to touch that thing ever again.

    By now the source of that noise was near enough so he could see it - It was a bear

    The boy started to feal real fear - he knew that bears were powerfull, faster than any human
    and able to climb trees - and his little knife would be no match for the claws of this animal.

    Slowly he took some canned meat into his hand throwing it far away - hoping that the bear would go into that direction - giving him enough time to escape or hide.

    But this strategy had the opposite effect - perhaps the bear interpreted the throwing motion as an agressive act- whatever the reason it started to come closer and became more agressive.

    The boy started to whistle and making noise - he had seen this advice on television where people kept telling that bears didnt like loud noises. This strategy had the opposite effect as well - the Bear was getting more and more angry now

    "frell you National Geographic" the boy shouted in panic and started to run away - the forest was thick with many trees and the bear was a massive Brute – perhaps, just perhaps the boy would be able to outrun the bear untill he could find some safe place.

    He turned his head to check if the bear was chasing him - and indeed he was - and the animal was closing in fast.

    The boy threw his knife at the bear inflicting a small wound that brought the animal to a temporary halt - but he knew that this wouldnt stop the brute for long - he was doomed.

    Then something unbelievable happened - a white spirit appeared before the boy calling to him
    "Hurry hide in there" while pointing to a thick bush 20 meters away.

    With a bear behind him and a ghost infront of him the boy couldnt controll his bladder and pissed himself

    The spirit proclaimed "In the middle of that bush you will find an entrance to a cave - the bear wount fit in there - it is your best chance hurry or you will die".

    Recovering from the shock the boy decided that he didnt have anything to loose anymore so he made a run for it.

    The bush was hard to get through but sensing a hungry bear behind him gave the boy all the motivation he needed to get through and indeed there was a small hole leading to the underground there.

    He was scared from entering but he was more afraid of the bear and so he slipped in.

    It was dark and the boy was falling - the tunnel was allmost vertical and he was falling for a long time
    Some time he finally hit bottom - fortunately the impact was not hard enough to break any bones but it was enough to knock him unconcious - and just before he passed out the boy saw a white spirit floating before his eyes speaking the words "You made it"

    The boy opened his eyes - he could see - there was light - it was dim but at least there was not compleat darkness.

    Slowly he came to his feat and inspected his surroundings - he was in some kind of corridor
    and he remembered that he did fall for a long time - was this some secret Bunker from the Second World war the boy wondered.

    But that couldnt explain the white spirit. Fear gripped his heart- what was that thing - a ghost?? No ghosts arent real - but whatever it was it did save his life

    "First I have to find a way out of here" the boy said and started to follow the path of the corridor. The boy discovered many corridors - but just one was lighted as if someone or something was leading him somewhere.

    After walking for what felt like hours to him the boy stood before a large door which automatically opened for him. Unlike the corridors he had been walking through this room was fully illuminated.

    It was a control room of some kind - allthough it had a very strange design - there were strange monitors,devices he had never seen before and in the middle of the room - above some kind of table floated the white spirit which had saved his life.

    "Greetings" the spirit proclaimed

    "Are you a ghost?" the boy asked his voice shaking from fear


    "Then what are you? And why do you speak my language?"

    The spirit replied: "I learned it from the people that came before you".

    The boy shuddered. " The ... The people that came before me?"

    The spirit nodded. "You are the 17th human who entered this installation in the past 5000 time periods your race calls years. The last one entered 92 years ago - unfortunatley none of them was able to activate this installation. I hope that you will be sucessfull."

    "I dont understand" the boy stumbled in obvious confusion. "What installation, what happened to thouse people before me and if you are not a ghost then what are you?"

    Almost casually the spirit started to explain: "The humans that came before you misunderstood me for a ghost like you do just now and either fled this place never to return, turned insane or took their own lifes. To answer the question what I am - In your terms you would call me an AI. I was created by a powerfull race known as the Telakasi - they gave me the name Aresia. And this installation is a means of their revenge."
    "Revenge against whom?" the boy asked nervously.

    "It will be faster for you to understand if I explain the history of my masters to you."

    At the center of the table a star system appeared but it was not the Solar systém - it had only 6 Planets and an Orange Sun.

    "Seven thousand of your years ago my masters gained the ability to travel faster than light" the AI stared.

    "Within a few years they colonized hundreds of worlds and soon they began to encounter other races among the stars and begun to battle them. My masters were a strange race who believed that power was the most important thing in the universe. Without power you cannot decide your own fate, without power you have to obey others and without power you cannot even protect the things dear to you. That was the credo of my masters. And in their pursue of power they started wars with many other races. They believed that someone who is strong shouldnt opress the weak since this would turn the strong into weak themselves - but they also believed that the weak have no right to prevent the strong from becoming even stronger. So they started wars with all races that had technology or resources which my masters could use to become even more powerfull."

    A series of battles in space and on ground appeared above the table. The boy saw creatures so alien that he could barely believe that they even existed. Then an image of the Galaxy appeared, showing roughly 1/4 of it in blue and 1/3 in Red.

    "This behaviour by my masters led the other races to form a powerfull alliance against the Telakasi. And allthough my masters were the stongest race by far - even they were overwhelmed by a coalition of 200 other races. The kill ratio was 6:1 in favour of my masters
    but even with such horrendous losses the coalition managed to win nearly every major battle. My masters were infuriated. They considered victory by numbers to be the greatest perversion of their belives - and therefore refused any kind of negotiation. They decided to fight to the bitter end. But even with defeat in sight they devised a plan for their revenge. For years they searched for Planetes where they could hide automated factories which would created massive armies that would attack the Coalition. The plan was to wait for centuries and to attack the unsuspecting coalition by surprise. But to activate an installation like this, one requires
    a Telakasi or another living sentient beeing."

    It seemed that a shadow fell over Aresias face.

    "But it has been thousands of years since my masters defeat and no one came to activate this installation. Perhaps they were hunted into extinction. This may be the last installation still intact and I have to fullfill my orders. That is the reason why I need you - you are a living sentient beeing able to activate this factory. And you seem to be more at ease with technology then your 16 predecessors.

    The boy looked in utter amazement at the AI.

    "You want me to activate this factory - and then what?"

    "Then I will carry out my directive" Aresia replied. "I will build a powerfully army and annihilate the coalition or its sucessor".

    "What is this factory capable of" the boy asked with a trembling voice

    "At full capacity this installation is able to produce 1 051 938 battle automatons suited four ground combat, 12 374 battle automatons suited for air and space combat and one major Battleship in one of your years"

    "But then it will take hundreds of years for you to build a force large enough to destroy this colation" the boy shouted

    "2000 of your years" was the casual reply.

    The boy shook his head in disbelief - then it abrubtly stopped. A thought just came to the boy - a crazy yet brilliant a horrible yet wonderfull a truly evil yet absolutely good thought.

    He began to grin "What if I told you that it would be possible to build your force not in 2000 but in just 20 years?"

    Aresia seemed as curious as an AI could get "What exactly are you proposing?"

    "Help me to conquer this planet!" the boy shouted. " If I can unify humanity and its industrial capacity under me you could have your fleet ready within 20 years. Even if we count the time needed to conquer this planet it would be 25 or 30 years at most!"

    "An interesting offer" Aresia begun "But why would you want to conquer your own people?"

    "This world is rotten to its very core!" the boy screamed. "There is chaos on this planet, millions of death every year because the old system refuses to die - a system that allows the weak to rule the strong just because they have money! I believe in the teachings of your masters! I want to be strong and I want to make humanity strong - I heave read so many books, I have thought so much about what has to be done - I would make
    humanity worhty of beeing companions or successors of the Telakasi! I would bring peace justice strength and stability to this world!"

    "And you are ready to sacrifice millions of lifes?" Aresia asked.

    "I was hoping that with your level of technology there could be nonlethal weapons which could stun the human soldiers without killim them" the boy replied - getting uneasy.

    "Indeed - the battle automatons can be modified to fire a stunning beam which would stun all human beeings in a 5 to 10 meter radius for one of your days, this way loss of life could be minimized"

    The boy kneeled before Aresia and bowed his head. " This is destiny! I swear after I have conquered humanity I will do anything in my power to execut your masters final order" he raised his head, "in exchange you will build and army which will respond to my commands only and which will conquer this planet!"

    "We have an agreement" Aresia replied.

    "Now what do I have to do to activate this factory?" the boy asked.

    The table suddenly expanded producing a console with an interface.

    "Follow my instructions precisely" Aresia said, starting to give detailed instructions what commands to insert into the console.

    Several minutes later when the last command had been entered the room suddenly began to shudder as the factory started to awaken from its millenia old slumber.

    "What about resources, where do we get them from?"the boy asked.

    "This facility is able to get all the resources it needs by taking them directly from the crust and core if this Planet - it is higly unlikely that your people will notice this process."

    "We will strike in a few years" the boy proclaimed " at first I want to know exaclty what thouse battle automatons of yours can…."

    The boy was cut of when the room was iluminated by a bright light. And through something similar to a window an enormous industrial complex could be seen. It stretched acros miles into every direction.

    He began to laugh, first it was a giggle but then it turned into a symphony of laughter - the laughter of power, the laughter of might, the laughter of assured victory

    On the surface the Sun was just rising - plunging the world into an Aurora.

    3 years later

    A television playing short clips of news programs and reports from various time periods

    A woman with a microfone standing infront of a forest "The first sightings of these robot like creatures occured allmost a month ago"


    An Army officer in a News program " So far these machines have conquered only a few dozen villages, nothing indicates that they cant be beaten by our forces. The greatest mystery is the question what these machines are. Are they a new weapon developed by some nation - are they alien - we just dont know."


    A news room with a tired and unkept reporter "Heavy fighting in Berlin, Paris, London, and Moscow has been confirmed. There are reports of machine forces having landed in North Africa..."


    Blurry picture of a reporter. ".... have fallen, I repeat Madrid, Kairo and Nizhny Novgorod have fallen."


    A female reporter "A shocking new development, one year after the appearence of these Machines a man who calles himself Emperor Alexander Denorius the First has appeared. He claims that thouse robots are under his command and that his goal is to create the first global Empire. We switch live to the first speech of this man"

    A press conference room. At the lectern stands a tall man with strange clouthing and a cape. It is the boy - but he isnt the same boy from 3 years ago - this man radiates power and self confidence.

    "My forces have defeated the combined armies of Europe in a mere 9 Months. And as we speak my troops are nearing the Chinese border and have allready occupied 3/4 of Africa - Resistance is futile. I will usher in a new age of peace,justice and stability, humanity
    will finaly be united under the first global empire the Empire of Humanity. And once mankind has been united - we will set out to conquer this Solar system, then the star cluster and finaly the whole Galaxy. We will be a power beyond comprehension .“

    Mad laughter

    End of Episode 1
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