Western role-playing games are known for their epic narratives, deep backstories and freedom for the player. There's been quite a few of these within the last six months or so, but that hasn't prevented City Interactive from jumping into the fray with one of their own. For now, it's called Project RPG, which is only a working title, but the publisher has announced a few teasing details as to what the game will be like.

For starters, the project is being led by Tomasz Gop, who previously was a leading producer on The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. The story revolves around a world where your God has died and its corpse now acts as a massive mountain that splits the world into two; two landscapes, two ideologies, two separate entities. Not much was revealed about the protagonist, but like other RPGs, you'll be able to shape your character based on the elements of gameplay that you emphasize most.

Early in the game, you'll be given the choice of joining one side or the other, and that will shape the outcome of your journey. Enemy design will be unique in that they will be recognizable based on their combat style, and not their appearance like most games in the genre. The developers, Deck13, cited Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Dark Souls, and Batman: Arkham City as inspirations for their easy-to-learn but complex fighting mechanics.

For now, that's all they've teased about the game. Look for more news soon, including its official title. Project RPG is tentatively scheduled for release in 2013.
It's from a leading producer of The Witcher 2....

Will keep an eye on this game.