Hymn of Unity is an independent anime project created to unite various people within a suburban Japanese city. The project began work-in-progress in 08' and is ready to kick-start it's way to you.

The genre is Comedy-drama mixing both American and Japanese culture; the humor is based on many different comedians such as Dave Chapelle, Godfrey, Demetri Martin, etc.

Naoko Ono was once a man whom contained much potential to be successful in his future. For some reason, he began to start rethinking his years in college and realized that he has no idea what to do with his life. Seeing as though his current job as a convenience store clerk won't change even with a higher degree, he decided to drop out of college. He spends his few years living in a low-grade apartment complex, barely making ends-meet each month.

One day whilst taking out the trash before going home from work, a pair of broken yet fixable headphones caught his eye. The pair of headphones seemed like just an ordinary pair of headphones, but what he didn't notice was that it had a life of it's own. As he proceeded to fix the headphones, Naoko couldn't help but notice that the output wire continuously twitched to-and-fro. Another thing was that a slight blue glow emitted from the slight cracks of the hull of the headphones.

Suddenly, the output jack came to life and stabbed him in the back of the neck; impaling straight into his spinal cord. The jack retracted and the headphones followed after, tightly attaching itself to Naoko's head. The coup de grace was performed on him as it sent an incomprehensible amount of electricity through his veins and nerves, knocking him out cold. The headphones began it's synthesis into Naoko's mind and body, changing him from the inside out. This change caused his whole identity to be wiped clean from the face of the universe, the only person to ever recall him is himself inside of the manifested confined room within the headphones.

After weeks the new Naoko awakes, confused and quite curious of his surroundings. He is suddenly alerted that a man is prepared to buy his apartment since he has been "erased from the world". This new Naoko confronts the man and soon works out a deal that they both share the apartment. The man is known as Roland Baumgaertner, a German traveler occasionally hell bent on taking over the world using tantalizing and fictional nano-technology. His plans will never come to see the light of day as he is quite the unorganized and confused one.

Years after the conflict between Naoko and Roland, they both notice a series of crime related activities trafficking along the city. Along with that, they began to notice that a homeless high-school student robs them blind of their trash and belongings. They both absolutely want to get to the bottom of all of this craziness.