prnx studio's proudly present you our original cute sexy mascot!
But befor we show her to you all i would like to tell you a story.

PROJECT:A.M | how it started
I was watching some animes ( i love anime ) so i thought by my self...why not having our own mascot for prnx!
so i quited watching animes and started to think of what she would look like,first i try'd to design her but my scanner didnt work so that was no use,But luckely i still had the design in my head so i wrote an artist(Jiu Shin) about the project and she accepted the request and started to design her on specific info.
After some weeks it was done and i couldnt believ my eye's.It was exactly on how i had her in my mind and was so happy that i almost chocked to dead! so after having some more conversations with 2 other artists (Yi yuan & Shei-chan)that also accepted to be part of project:a.m i visited a website where a application making team(for android phone's) needed an GFX artist,So i thought alright we need an Application so why not? so i made a deal with them and they agree'd with the deal,The aplication is not ready yet since we are short on source but dont worry it will be on the market soon.Having that done the 2 other artists (Yi yuan & Shei-chan) have sended there works and that moment i was once again shocked with the fantastic artwork,I was so greatfull i had no word and i couldnt believ that this was actualy happening! I would like to thank the artists for there hardwork! thanks for giving prnxstudio a fantastic mascot!

Well guys Here she is.Welcome our newest member! Asakura Misaki.

By Jin shiu

By Yi yuan

This will be her default cloth's
By Shei-chan