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Thread: North Hollywood Anime Event, Charity Maid Cafe

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    Default North Hollywood Anime Event, Charity Maid Cafe

    Prepare to be pampered by cute maids and dashing butlers while you relax with tasty food, great music, wonderful performances, and exciting celebrity appearances, all in the name of charity! Come visit the Tomo Neko Maid Cafe on May 6th, from 12pm-5pm, at the Elegante Banquet Hall in North Hollywood, CA!

    Fun activities include console gaming, professional photography, a live DJ, geta sword dancing, card games, a silent auction, and live performances by J-rock bands and cosplayers!

    Special Guests:
    Crispin Freeman, Richard Epcar, Rachel Robinson, Taliesin Jaffe, Matthew Mercer, Kaiji Tang, Dino Andrade, and Cristina Vee.

    Live Performances by:
    Miyuki Samurai Geta Dance

    Ashphord Jacoway, I Wish My Life Was An RPG one act play

    Garnet Wolf Geekstyle Rock Band

    This year we are donating to Child's Play:
    aiding in the rehabilitation of hospitalized children: through gaming

    Ticket Price:
    March 1 – April 1:$20
    (save 50%!

    Ticket Price:
    March 1 – April 1st :$20
    (save 50%! ♥)

    April- May 5th: $25

    At the door: $30
    *$5 discount with valid student ID

    Buy tickets here:

    *Please pre-order you tickets for guaranteed seating. There is no guaranteed entrance at the door. Last year we sold out shortly after opening. Must show ID when registering.

    Okaerinasaimase, goshujinsama!
    お帰りなさいませご主人様We can't wait to serve you!
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