@Seung-li vs @Ellipsis

Seung: Great color scheme, typography, and composition. A large variety of colors and the text actually feels as if it belongs in there. Nothing bad to point out besides the fact that the style is obvious; pink, flowers, flowy text, and bold serif'd subtext. It's not a bad thing, just very seung-style.

Ellipsis: Nice black and white entry. Compo looks good, and a good attempt at depth. Lighting is...okay, however I feel like it needs more contrast; as it is, it looks like a mass of grey areas with very little black or white. The text isn't very well made either, it just looks like it was splashed on the bottom as an afterthought.

Vote: Seung. Though Ellipsis' entry isn't a bad entry, it pales in comparison with her variety of colors and use of text. A note to both though: try changing up styles a little more. It's somewhat obvious which entries are who's based on the style alone. Get out of those comfort zones!
@xan ifore vs @MaruDashi

Xanifore: Nice use of c4D's, and some pretty cool lighting. The compo feels about right, however two things I dislike about this one are the very obvious light sources, and the text. The light sources aren't bad, but they feel overdone.

Marudashi: Nice color scheme as always, however this one feels somewhat flat and a little empty. The text fits somewhat well, however there seems to be no real foreground, or background. The scanline pattern also looks somewhat distracting.

Vote: Xanifore. The use of C4D's and some nice lighting make this one look great. While it does have it's flaws, it also has good depth. Maru's entry looks flatter, and not as well made.

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@xan ifore