Alright, onto the Elite 9! To keep things moving, I'll be doing two battles at once.

Division 1:
@PureBeauty vs. @gamergirl

Theme: Flowers
This can be realistic flowers, cartoonish flowers, demonic flowers, etc. Other things can be incorporated, just as long as flowers are the main focus.

Division 2:
@ZabuzaOTM vs. @Ellipsis

Theme: 2012
Yes, yes. A vague theme, I know. Pretty much anything that 2012 makes you think of. Something that was made or released in 2012, an event in 2012, maybe the end of the world?

You will have 2 weeks to finish your drawings. All drawings will be due Sunday, March 25th. You can either PM me your drawing or post it in this thread when you are finished.