Hey folks! I have a lot of envalopes, stickers and future doodles that need to be used up. I had a penpal years ago but we're not so close anymore but I really enjoyed writing letters and getting to know that person. I was wondering if anyone would be up for that kind of thing. Before sending letters I'd like to at least get to know them a little first though, through messages or facebook or something, just so I know I'm not talking to a weirdo (no offence...) >___>''

Here's a bit about me if you're interested.

Obviously I like anime and manga, such as FMA, Ouran, Bleach, Naruto(ish), Wolf's Rain, Saiyuki, that sort of thing. I also like a lot of TV shows such as Supernatural, Dexter, Breaking Bad, Harpers Island, etc. I'm currently learning Japanese and I have a passion for animals. (Heads up, I'm also terrible at spelling xp).

More personal but basic things: I'm a 21 year old female and I live in England.

Please, for the love of god, no trolling or emo crap. Not to be mean, but I once had a penpal who lied about everything and her display picture was the self-harm cuts on her shoulder... -____-'' (by trolling I mean dont get in touch and spin me a bunch of bull stories).

Anyway, I just want someone to write too. Preferably someone with a sense of humour, I can be a bit strange sometimes xp