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  • Participants are allowed to vote;
  • Users with less than 15 posts cannot vote (not valid for participants, they can vote regardless of post count);
  • General and AnimeWallpapers.com forum rules apply;
  • Don't cheat with multiple accounts or in any other way.
  • Advertising your wallpaper is allowed only in your signature. PMs or begging for votes is not.
Entry 1:
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Entry 2:
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Entry 3:
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Entry 4:
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Entry 5:
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Poll closes March 10th!!
NOTE: Despite what the poll says about being public and the results visible to everyone, it's not true. The poll is PRIVATE and visible to me and the mods ONLY.

Good luck to the participants.

NOTE 2: The new way entries are posted is the result of the feedback we received in the last contest. It's not definitive and I'd like more feedback from you later in the Results thread.