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It was a cold and flat night without a city in sight. There was no urban clutter to hide them, or alleyways to cut through. It was just them, on the run with no defense besides their powers. They thought they were fortunate but they were horribly wrong. The murderers had found them and now there was little hope. And so they ran, little did they know the run would cost them.

Maria Juarez was tired of running. Throughout her 317 year lifespan, she spent most of it running away from the same people. At least, it made her skilled, able to scale any terrain without the slightest difficulty. Maria breathed heavily almost to the point of hyperventilation as they began to close on her. Her pupils dilated as light became less and less abundant. Suddenly, her yellow green eyes were met with many bright shining eyes of metal machines.

"By the order of the Catholic Church in Vatican City, we sentence you to death for the crimes of blasphemy and Satanic worship. Do you have any last words?" A voice asked from behind her, nearing closer and closer.

A smirk rose to her face and she tied her light brown mess of hair high atop her head. Maria growled and, within a few short moments, she was a wolf. Tackling down the figure behind her, she bit into his neck roughly and jerked her head side to side. The figure fought back, stabbing into her side with a sharp metal object. She whimpered but tore more until his life had left him. Extracting herself from his body, she growled and attempted to pounce on another member. A loud bang sounded and the beaten body of Maria Juarez lay on it's side.

"Take the body and let's leave. We'll collect our prizes later." The shooter said, throwing a picture next to her body.

The agents nodded before picking up the body and taking it to a large 18-wheeler. "Recognized Shifter number 03589, Maria Juarez has been absolved and eliminated. Any agents on her tail must contact His Holiness for a new target. That is all." Before leaving, the shooter burned the picture along with the body of the fallen agent. That night was the beginning of the revolution that would sweep the world, the War of the Immortals.