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Tenshi ducked into a pair of extended fingers then lept over them in a swirling flip. He landed, spinned parried two shots deflected from an Angelik soilder close to him and burst forward in a dash. "Astral Limiter. Release." Seconds before a swarm of D-Mod's landed onto of him Tenshi haulted his movements, ripped his black jacket around his body and shined bright in golden light. the D-Mods were burst backwards as Tenshi stood in his Astral form. His golden armor seemed almost heaven like as his light purple hair flowed from the energy radiating from his body.

Several D-Mods back away at the sight of this new enemy. Those whom hadn't transformed did so. Now Tenshi stood idle before a squad of 12 D-Mods ranging from small fromed to towering over them, the largest was a 16 foot monster with a wide mouth and bones protuding from each and every patch of skin he had. Tenshi narrowed his eyes as they rush toward him.

"Time tells no lies."

A bright blinding light shined forth blocking them from veiw.

Luxes stared at Ariya's modified legion with contempt. they were mindless balls of energy tasked with following Ariya with no opionin of there own. It was an act that Luxes found quite entertaining. For a while she didn't take note of the extra man with them but when she did Kaya became quite interesting. Such a small dangerous little girl. She seemed to polite and honest. Luxes knew better cause she was the same. her persona was so soft-spoken and wise, contempt and honest. Not a hint of aggression poured from her shell of a human form. She couldn't even remain still at the excitement she was feeling at this moment.