Name: Mary, but unless we're friends it'll be a bit awkward if you call me by my name xD
User-name: Avido
Date of Birth (mm/dd/yy): 02/13/90
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Ghost xD But really, I'm very pale, so I've been likened to one D:
Nationality: European! Mom's family is from France and Dad's is from England, I'm only the 2nd generation to be in Canada
Place of Birth: Nova Scotia, Canada
Current Location/Residence: Ontario, Canada

- - -

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: ^
Height: 5' 9"
Marital Status: Dating
Family Members: Mom, Stepfather living with me, father and a brother elsewhere
Pets: In total, 2 dogs, four cats
Occupation: College Student
Ambitions/Dreams: None

- - -

Favorite Color/s: Red, Black
Favorite Flavor: Watermelon
Favorite Food: Alfredo~
Favorite Drink: Monster Energy :c
Favorite Anime/s: Saint Seiya (all series), Fairy Tail
Favorite Manga/s: ^
Favorite Book: Lord of the Rings~
Favorite Film: Day After Tomorrow
Favorite TV Show: Supernatural
Favorite Video Game: Castlevania
Favorite Song: Synthetic Generation - Deathstars
Favorite Hobbies: Doing grozit in PS, geeking out over mythology, movies!
Favorite Soundtracks/OSTs: Never listened to one
Favorite Genre: Horror
Favorite Places: MY BED. But really Halifax is the day time that is

- - -
other questions:

Personality: Generally laid back and friendly, but I take time to warm up to others completely. I like to make people laugh.
Education: College Graduate (I'm back in for another course ;3)
Religious Beliefs: Believes in God and Jesus, doesn't like to affiliate with a religion
Favorite Sport: Swimming~
Favorite Band: Deathstars
Favorite Quote: -
People You Know In Real Life From AF: -