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Thread: RPG Sign-Up: Angelik

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    Default Sign Up: Angelik

    Approved by: LPS
    Co-Wrote by Hollow Ichigo

    Angels and Demons, histories oldest rivalry and greatest superstition. Throughout time man has fantasized over the lore of these astral beings. Unaware to them these rumors hold the kes to the truth. They exist...

    Welcome to the World of Angelik:

    The year is 2146 and the Earth hasn't changed much. Everything works the same, technology is better but not as everyone in the past dreamt. The only difference is one thing, humans do not die. Many wonder what happened on that day fourty-six years ago, when the sands of time halted and immortality spawned. The answer. Heaven collapsed, and Hell was elevated.

    On that day, Dec 21 2100, an Angel from Heaven was courted by a Demon from Hell, they were known as the Forsaken. Through this union the War of The Immortals was unleashed. During the fight Xexath, the ruler of Hell, cast Darsith, God of the Heavens, down to Earth. His power was so great it changed the face of humanity forever. This gave birth to Immortality.

    Six years after the War a group of human researchers found Darsith sealed deep in the froze tundras of the Arctic, unable to free him these humans built a complex over him to study and find what they believe was the cause of the A.I.E, After Immortality Era. Little did they know they would bring about a war that would consume the world itself.

    2126, twenty-six years after Darsith was found; that same building, now the leading pharmaceutical company of the World, is known as Angelik. Massproducing a drug codenamed Youth they have ushered in an era of War and Devastation. This drug was meant to reverse times grasp on these Immortal bodies. Aging, disease, and fertility were haulted. It was only natural this act against nature itself would backfire.

    First it was insanity, then chaos. Those whom took the drug had an adverse reaction to it. If abused ones soul was forsaken, and they became D-Mods, Degenerated Mod Souls.

    D-Mods, these lost souls would become corrupt, the drug forcing the user to seek out their greatest ambitions, and wrap them into living demons. Only a small percent had this reaction. These drug was a curse, and to combat this man created the Angelik Squadron. These human, handpicked for their positive natures, were tasked to hunt down and destroy D-Mods before they spread. Now they continuously battle the growing number of Demons. With the power of Darsith at their side the Angelik Squadron lead the charge against mans mistake.

    The war is coming, will you rise or fall?
    Sample Character Sheet:
    Age: (Both real, and appearance age)
    Appearance: (Human appearance when among humans. Wings and extra limbs and all that is fine, but must be retractable.)
    Race: D-Mod, Humans, Angeliks
    Astral Form: (Angelik's only, this is the form you take when using your powers.)
    Distral Form: (D-Mods only, the form you take when using your abilities.)
    Personality: (this is during and after your transformation for both races. Humans this is just regular. Remember your actions play a vital role in character development.)
    Powers: (Angelik's normally use binding, sealing, and "magically" abilties that can range from flight and energy projection to mind reading, and gravity control. All abilties for Angelik will start at the base level. So if you control fire you can maybe fire a fireball but as time passes and you gain more control over your power it might turn into summoning a piller of fire. Progression. You only receive one power at this time.)
    Abilities: (D-Mods normally use physical attacks, and as such they normally have sharp claws and razor edged teeth. There abilities lie souly ni destruction, and reflect the sins they have committed. For example say your a murderer whom cuts his enemies to pieces. Then as a D-mod your abilties would be rapid slash,or the ability to create energy projectiles in the form of claws, or something like that. Again keep progression a priority.)
    Weapons: (All races can have two weapons, a primary and secondary. Energy based weapons do exist in this universe so yes a type of lightsaber is possible but please use your imagination. D-mods cannot use weapons when in Distral form. Angeliks weapons gain a slight increase in power based on powers.
    History/Bio: (How you reacted to the drug Youth, your morals, how you first became an Angelik, or D-mod. All human will become either or. Please don't ask about Mix breeds, no, I didn't add them to this story cause I couldn't find a legit way of adding them, but they may arise if the RPG flows.)
    Other: Fighting styles, like, dislikes, whatever you can think of that wasn'nt in the app.)

    Name: Tenshi Hikimawasu, Angel of Guidence
    Age: 40 years on earth. Immortal been alive scene Darsith created him.
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: ((See attachment 1, red haired guy.))
    Race: Angeliks
    Astral Form: ((See attachment of armored guy.))
    Personality: Created when God made man, Tenshi was tasked to guide them towards God, and to become a teacher of priciple, and Love. He did so only in times when man was at it's lowest, reminding them whom they worshipped, and whom gave them life. Above all he is a man of little words, yet when he speaks most listen. He can be overly brash about certain topics, and dislikes dishonesty and lies. Throughout his time on Earth Mortality has changed him from the happy hopefilled man into the quiet observate mentor that constantly has a deep frown on his face.
    Powers: Miraculous Time Mighty Heavenly Faultless Infinite Stigmata: Or better known as the manipulation of Time. Through this Tenshi can control small bursts of Time either slowing or speeding it as needed. Because of his decent from Heaven and the lose of a majority of his former power he can only effect himself or objects within his range, which is 8cm, or up to 25 feet if concentrated.
    Weapons: Havon: This sword has a notched blade of a green color. Its grip is of a blue metal with ankhs and arrows painted on it. The pommel is shaped like a cube with a diamond on each facet. Havoc: This sword's guard is pyramid-shaped. Its grip is of a blue metal set with jade pieces. The pommel bears a series of moonstones.
    History/Bio: When God created the heavens, and earth Tenshi was created. Through God's teaching he grew to love humans as he did. When Heaven fell Tenshi did everything he could to combat the hordes of devil sent by Xexath. When Darsith was cast to Earth Tenshi was flung by the same force, stripped of his wings, majority of his power, and all knowlegde of whom he was and the task he was given. Now as a Angelik Tenshi leads the others into battle against the D-Mods. He knows he is different. his body heals slowler then the others, and it takes him longer to use his abilities. Nevertheless his senses are far superior then any other, and D-mods hiding in human form are likely to be found, slaughtered, and given peace from his blades.

    Tenshi will be the only Angel character. All other will be humans turned Angelik, or D-Mod. Thanks and lets have fun.
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