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Title: Card Master: Vanguard

Author: TimX7

Summary: Disgraced armor duelist Taiki Saruwatari leaves Japan for America. Where he discovers the secrets of his caretaker and a one of a kind deck that could help protect humanity from extraterrestrials.

Author's Note: Another spin off of the Card Master created by Richard Omega. This will have some rule changes like the other spin offs have to the card game. This is also a bit darker than the other spin offs. With some light hearted comedy to relieve the tension. This is inspired off of later Yu-Gi-Oh storylines, such as the Battle of Atlantis story arc.

Skylab High, 23rd Century Japan

A young boy around the age of thirteen years of age, with purple hair and matching eyes, knelt onto the ground with tears running down his cheeks. As well as a long urine stain running down his pants. Everyone is laughing at him and a girl around his age lights a match given to her by the headmaster. The match falls onto the boy's deck of cards, which ignite and burn rather quick. The girl is getting great joy and pleasure out of destroying the card deck that the boy used to play with in armor duels.

“Well now you remember the rules Taiki.” Kaze Fuka said. “You are prohibited to play Armor Duel indefinitely. Plus you must leave Skylab forever.”

Taiki Saruwatari, stood up and brushed himself before he walked back inside to clean out his locker and collect his stuff. He also had to hand in all of his text books back to the headmaster, who has a lot of sympathy for the unfortunate Taiki, who thought he could defeat the Japanese Card Master in a duel without any Vanguard Fusion cards in his deck. But a deal is a deal. Taiki had to leave his life as a duelist behind for a very long time. Maybe he would make a comeback, but he shook that thought of his head. If he was to make a comeback. It would not be in Japan. That was the terms of the deal he made with Kaze.

It is now the 23rd Century of the A. D. calender. As humanity continue to evolve and build better technology to better their lives. Militaries all over the world research the latest weapon to cause mass destruction and loss of life. Rumors of using children duelists of the Armor Duel card game has run rampant with no official announcement that such a weapon is being built. Not only has Armor Duels continued in popularity. They earned new rules and regulations, such as the Vangard Armor cards and Vanguard Fusion cards. One card grants it's user a virtual suit of armor to protect them from harm in Armor Duels that are more realistic.The Vanguard Fusion cards are the most powerful in a duelist's deck and usually used to defeat an opponent and wina duel.

The following is a story of one duelist and his mission to become the International Card Master, a regain his lost honor a reputation from those who took it all away. As well as his story in the defense of Earth and humanity...

Opening Song: Let's Duel!

Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Let's duel!

Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Let's duel!

Come on!
Come on!
Come on!

We're broadcasting live around the world
I'm handling a deck of trading cards everyday
My dreams are super sized
I just can't get enough

Come on! Let's duel!

Living a normal is just not for me
I want to be a Card Master...
So let's go!

Being normal is meaningless
Don't act like big hot shot, just because you have won a lot of duels
I'm strong!
Bring on the challenge!

I'll take down all road blocks with my hands!
(Come on! Let's duel!)
A lot better than yesterday!
(Come on! Let's duel!)
Going around the world with my friends!
Out to be the very best!
(Come on! Let's duel!)
It's the start of a incredible journey!
(Come on! Let's duel)
Can't stop fighting!
These are exciting innocent days!

Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Let's duel!

Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Let's duel! YEAH!

Episode 1: The Deck From The Heavens

Three months later

Taiki drops his stuff in the personal barracks of one Colonel Leonard “Leo” Valiant. A U.S. Army Colonel that takes in foreign kids as part of the foreign exchange program. The barracks is located on a top secret military base in the Neveda desert, that has been known as Area 51 for the last couple centuries. Taiki is not allowed to know what goes on at the base. Nor is he allowed to take pictures of anybody or anything on the base. In order to keep it a secret. Leo hears the door to the barracks open and he peeks out of his office to see Taiki soaking wet.

“Okay, what did they do to you this time?” he said as he left his office to fetch a towel for Taiki. “I can't believe the anti-bullying rules of the Las Vegas Dueling Academy aren't being enforced...”

“They were to be enforced Colonel?” Taiki asked sarcastically as he walked into the locker room to get out of his wet clothes and dry himself off.

“Stop being a wise donkey Taiki.”

“I can't help the fact that I don't have a deck of cards to play Armor Duel during the dueling period.” Taiki said grabbing some dy clothes left out for him. Which was a t-shirt and jean shorts.

“Well I can build a pretty mean deck.” Leo said with a smile. “I was a ptreey mean duelist as a kid.”

“What happened?”

“I joined the Army and became a man.”


Taiki's parents are never around most of the time. They're archeologists studying the ancient world for signs of extraterrestrial visitation. One of the books in their mansion library back in Skylab City is “Chariots of the Gods?” by Swiss author Erich von Daniken. A author and sort of a ufologist in the 20th and 21st centuries, whose theories were rejected by mainstream history and science, but found reconition in the 22nd and 23rd centuries as the reports of alien life in the universe visiting Earth increased. Along with the constant rumors are the men in black. Who always appear to question a witness and seem to convince them that it was no UFO sighting or they weren't abducted. However these men in black has left scientists investigating ancient ruins alone.

Currently the two are investigating recent discoveries of ancient stone tablets of armor duelists being portrayed on them.

“Makoto please have a look at this...” said Daisuke Saruwatari. Who held up a stone tablet with image of a armor duelist looking up at five constellations. The five constellations are of a tortoise, a Japanese dragon, a European dragon, a tiger and a phoenix like bird. Makoto Saruwatari studied the tablet over her husband's shoulder. She looked at the image of the duelist and realized that it is a tablet telling a story of armor duelists in the ancient world. However the image of the duelist looked familiar to both of them. Daisuke took out his wallet.

“Hold on...” he said fishing out a picture of Taiki. Doesn't the duelist protrayed in this tablet look an awful like our son Taiki?”

“It does... but children in the ancient world could have looked like our son.” Makoto said.

“You're saying that like you don't believe in reincarnation.”

“Oh I believe in it and it's entirely possbible. But does this tablet mention a prophecy of the furture or the past?”

“Well considering the other tablets. It could go either way. I must study the tablets further.” Daisuke didn't flip the tablet over and failed to notice the design of a Nazca Line drawing on the back of the “Hands”, a drawing appearing on the Nazca Lines in Peru. In fact each of the tablets found already have Nazca Line drawings on the back, with one of them of the humanoid figure. That tablet portrays an extraterrestrial figure on it, with several UFOs appearing above the figure's head. The tablets can still mean either a prophecy of the future or telling a story of ages past. Where humans used armor duels to protect the planet from extraterrestrial invasions. But that doesn't explain the alien in the tablet with the UFOs.


Back at Area 51. Leo had to return to work because of a emergency within the labratories under the ground. The elevator was located inside the largest hanger of the entire base. Taiki never set foot in the hangers nor the underground base. As he was not allowed in any building besides the administration building and the barracks for the troops under Leo's command. As all troops are restricted to the base unless they are on leave to see their families in Las Vegas and Reno. However Leo made an backup key card for Taiki in case of a dire emergency. Taiki was told to only use it if he needed to find Leo and request his help. Nothing more. However Taiki got bored and decided to use it to access the main hanger's elevator to the lower levels.

He takes the card and makes his way to the large hanger at night, when the security has lowered due to soldiers being tired and calling it a night. Leo left the hanger and went over to the officers' club for a few drinks with his fellow commanding officers. Completely unaware of what his young charge is up to...

Taiki easily accesses the elevator. Though he saw a large triangle airship inside the hanger. It was huge and looked like it could fit the entire base population. He thought it may be a starship like in the science fiction comic books he reads. But he was a kid on a mission. He wanted to see what he was being kept out of the loop on. And when that elevator reached it's destination. He saw a labratory emptied of any employees. It was a clean room and only workers wearing sterlized hazmat suits were allowed inside. But he didn't care. He moved on past the lab and into the hallway. There he made sure that there were no guards patrolling the halls. So once he knew the coast was clear. He moved on down the hall until he saw a sign that read: CAUTION! CELESTIAL PROTOTYPE DECK INSIDE! NO ONE ALLOWED WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM Colonel VALIANT!

(A prototype deck?) Taiki thought, as he reached for the door handle. He slowly opened the door to see a grey figure that looked to be amount smaller than Taiki was. The figure lays a deck of cards onto a display stand at the front of the room. Then turned around. Taiki was horrified to see that the figure was completely grey and had big black eyes. Taiki knew that the figure was not of this world. As the figure is used in images of aliens known as the Greys. Greys have been aliens that have been witnessed by those who sighted them or was abducted by them. They were also featured in various sci-fi media from TV shows to video games to movies.

“I know you're standing there with the door open.” the figure said. “Come on in and stop being so goddamned afraid. I'm not here to hurt you.”

Taiki slowly made his way inside. He stared down the figure with fear apprehension. Taiki was scared, there was no denying that. However the figure had a calm to him. Which began to rub off onto Taiki. Taiki began to relax in the prescence of an actual alien from another planet.

“Well now that you're calming own. I can tell you that yes I'm from another planet. I'm from the Zeta Reitculi double star system. I crashed here ten years ago and was the sole survivor of my flight crew that came here to warn humanity. However some guys wearing all black and calling themselves Majestic 12 captured me and covered up my crash.”

:You have a name?”

“Yeah kid... The Colonel named me Roswell or Ross for short.” Ross said. “I;ve been here for ten damn years and the only sunlight I got was from the hanger windows. You won't believe the treatment I've received here. Which was pretty damn good I must say. Probably better than how MJ12 treated me.”

“What do you do here?” Taiki asked.

“I'm an engineer here kid.” Ross said. “That ship you saw in the hanger, it was built before I got here, but I helped get it working. I also updated the technology onboard. However we couldn't take it out for a test flight yet. As we don't have clearance to do so. Plus the Colonel and I made up that and registered it with the World Armor Duel Association.”

Ross points behind at the deck of cards. “It's a one of a kind deck kid. Once we find a duelist to use it. Everybody will want that deck for themselves. However I believe it is the invincible deck, nothing can stop the duelist with this thing.”

“Can you stop calling me kid Ross? My name is Taiki.”

“Well I don't care what your name is. I'm going to call you kid until I feel like your a real man. That won't be for years now.” Ross looks around the room and whispers to Taiki. “Maybe you can help me. I've been wanting to explore the Earth for years now. Yet I'm not allowed to leave the main hanger because of MJ12's rules against me. Can you help me?”

“I don't know...”

“I'll give you the Celestial Deck.”

“Deal!” Ross and Taiki shook each others hand.


A man wearing a black suit with a black jacket on the back of his chair watched the security camera of Ross handing Taiki a deck holder and the deck of cards. The back of his jacket had black lettering reading: MJ12.

“We have a situation...” he said. “Alright I'll tell him.”


Leo sat in the officer club with a glass of scotch on the rocks. He drank it down in one gulp and asked for one last refill. Which was poured as the Majestic-12 agent from the security room entered the club. All officers present stopped talking and turned their attention to the agent. Which they know can only mean trouble for someone.

“Colonel Valiant!” he said. He walked over to Leo who gulped down his last drink of scotch.

“Yeah that's me...” Leo said a bit slurred. “If you're here then something bad happened.”

“We have a situation and I need you to come with me.”


The agent managed to punch up a recent video feed of Ross and Taiki, who were seen sneaking aboard a small MD-90 jet plane bound for Las Vegas. Though Leo was a bit drunk, he still groaned when he reconized his charge escaping with one of the government's most dirty secrets. Actually make that two dirty secrets as Leo asked if the footage can be closed up to Taiki's wrist, and sure enough it was the deck that was being developed as a weapon to supposedly protect Earth.

“Oh great he took the Celestial Deck too.” Leo said.

“Forget the damn deck.” the agent said. “Your exchange student just ran off with a Grey. If that Grey is sighted among the public, we could face a international shitstorm the likes we've seen since Roswell 1947.”

What do YOU know about Roswell '47? None of was born by that time so how can you know how bad it was?”

“You're right, I'm just guessing. But this is all going to fall on you. If you don't bring me the alien and the kid back to us to face charges of treason.”

“I have no choice... I'll send out all of my troops.”

“If they resist, you have authorization to use lethal force.”

“Yes sir...”

Leo left and went back to the barracks. All of the troops in the barracks were in recreation right now. Before lights out began. Leo enters the room and calls them all into attention. Which they did once they heard him yell...

“Ten hut!” Leo said as he troops stood up and snapped to attention. “Men we have a situation... MJ12 just showed me security footage of Taiki escaping the facility with our resident alien Ross and the Celestial Deck that we kept in storage on base. We're ordered to bring them back to face charges of treason.”

“Treason!?” Sergeant Collins said in disbelief. “They can't be serious?”

“Well Taiki just escaped with a alien that we've kept locked up for ten years. Since MJ12 handled the whole incident ten years ago and classified the whole damn thing as a meteorite. Then I guess that counts as treason in their eyes. However I'm giving you different orders. Sergeant Collins you and your men are ordered to go to Las Vegas and find them. Take them both to Sector 4 and keep them there until I can convince the Presdient of the United States to disband Majestic 12. Captain and the Lieutenant will stay here and coordinate the search with Collins. Understood?”

“UNDERSTOOD SIR!” the entire barrack erupted.


The agent figured the Colonel won't do as he's ordered and will hide the two instead of making them stand trial for trumped treason charges. So he went to his superior, Shadow Agent X. Agent X word the same black suit but with a face mask with a tinted visor to hide his identity. The face mask made him look like a ninja.

“Sir... About the escapees?”

“I already know agent.” Agent X said. “I know Colonel Valiant wouldn't follow your orders to a T. Go find them before the Colonel's men do and if his men interferes. Kill them all... The troops, the brat and the alien. I just want that deck back in our posession. Understood?”

“Yes sir.”

“Now go and don't come back till you bring me their heads on a silver platter.”


Taiki and Ross climbed out of the plane's wheel well when the plane landed in Las Vegas, a short distance away from Area 51. The employees that spent some overtime in the underground labs never knew that they had two stowaways below their feet.

“Whew that was quick ride.” Taiki said, then he hugged himself to keep warm from the trip. “But it was so cold.”

“Of course it was kid.” Ross said. “We're up high in Earth's atmosphere that the temperature dropped down rapidly. We're just lucky we didn't run out of oxygen or went higher than a few thousand feet. We would've been dead for sure. So what now?”

“Well you shouldn't be seen wearing that get up.” Taiki said. “There should be a clothing store within the city.”

“Great do you have any money?”

“Yeah I was given a debit card with a bank account when I registered for the foreign exchange student program. So there has to be a store open in this city. Let's go Ross.”

The two made their way off of the tarmac and over to the fence. Where they eventually found a hole in the gate. So they dug out the hole a bit better in order to squeeze through the hole. Once on the other side they made their way into the city. Trying to avoid the population, for it would cause panic if they were sighted within the city. Actually it would cause panic if Ross was sighted in the general public.


Minutes after Ross and Taiki escaped the airport, the team of Collins and his men landed their blackhawk helicopter in the same airport, after some issues that needed to be cleared up before permission was granted.

“Sarge, why do we have to do this?” said a private first class and Collins' second in command of the Wolfpack, their unit's name.

“The Colonel loves Taiki as if he was his own son.” Collins said. “Especially since he lost his wife and son in the third World War with the Middle East nations trying to destroy Israel. Well trying to nuke Israel off the map. As they figured that if they can't have Israel for Allah/God and Islam. No one can have it. But anyway Taiki is like a second son to him. Ross is even more valuable than what Majestic 12 is really letting on. To them he's nothing more than government property and is just expendable as actual government owned weapons and vehicles. To the Colonel, Ross is more than just that. The Colonel says he's a person with his own mind, will and dreams. Just us humans on Earth have the same things. You get what I'm saying Archer?”

“I understand sir. Let's get out there and find them before those bastards at MJ12 finds them. I can guarantee you they'll shoot first and ask questions later.”

“I know Private... I know...”


Taiki has luck finding a 24/7 clothing store. Even better that it had clothes in Ross' size. However it was a extraterrestrial fanatic/nerds paradise store. Meaning there were video games, movies, comic books and replica toy weapons from various science fiction media. But Taiki wasn't being picky. He had to get some new clothes for Ross, so he can blend in with the general population.

Minutes later and after Ross changes out of his jumpsuit, along with many vulgar words about what Taiki chose. The two were on their way. Where they would go, they had no clue. Taiki didn't think he had enough money for a five star hotel and there are a lot of those in Las Vegas. However as they were wondering around the city to find somewhere to stay, people stared at the two in suspicion.

“I'm just a thirteen year old kid. Walking down the street with a... cowboy...”

Indeed the only clothes he could find in the store that were in Ross' size was a cowboy costume from the remake of Cowboys and Aliens.

“I am so going to kill you kid...” Ross said under his breath.

Ending Song: Hyper Drive

Going past the speed of light
I race around the world in hyper drive
Do you think I can win
Or will you win instead
Let's not have fate decide

I can feel you breathing
I can see you coming
I can feel the wind
It's blowing me away

Take a shot at me running side by side
It's a blur...
As I go by

I can feel you breathing
I can see you coming
I can feel the wind
It's blowing me away

See the darkness drawing near
Fire burns in the sky
Destiny thrusts itself upon us all

Author's Comment: Both opening and ending songs are a rewrite of “Switch On!” by anna Tsuchiya on the Kamen Rider Fourze soundtrack, and “Hyper Drive” the English opening song for Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's respectively.