Battle of the Month January Phase 2 Results

Theme: Text preset "Glamorous"

Avido vs. Garzhvog vs. Takenoshin vs. Seung-li


Judge 1: This tag has a unique concept, and kudos for trying something different. That being said the abrupt line going through the middle is massively distracting to the focal. There is too much open space in the tag, so I would have made the canvas as a whole smaller. The style of the text looks very nice however it is placed is far away from your focal that it is again distracting. The brushing to the left of the girls head seems to be placed there just for the sake of it. This all being said the blues and reds look vibrant. Overall this tag seems to be like a cut and shut car, two similar tags just stuck together with that line in the middle being the obvious divide. As said before I applaud this tag for being unique.

Judge 2: Great color and use of texture as a basis for the sig's style. However, there's a lot of empty space and the word "glamorous" doesn't fit well with the samurai girl.

Judge 3: I'm not really seeing much of glamorous in this sig. The blending isn't terribly bad, but that line right next to the girl feels really weird. It would be nice to see some of the red on the right side brought over to the left to bring the two together a bit. The font feels the weirdest to me.


Judge 1: This tag seems to be a bit all over the place with the fractals, C4D's and text placement. That being said they grey and blues are a great color scheme and do give that "Glamorous" feel. The text style much like Avido's is very nice especially with the glimmering effect over the G in glamorous. but the placement seems a bit crazy, which is very distracting. The green fractal under the glamorous text seems completely out of place. With the text moved round and a more unique boarder for example you'd be onto a winner here.

Judge 2: The center of the tag has a lot of effects going on and almost looks cloudy. It's hard to see the G in "glamorous."

Judge 3: As far as following the theme, I believe this one did one of the best jobs. The text is pretty cool looking, and I like how you blend it into the sig. The blurred parts of the background feel weird though and I would liked to have seen the girl blended in more.


Judge 1: This tag is very confusing to me, You have this dull background with the vibrant pink in the text which are a world of opposite and just doesn't work. That being said the pink outer glow on the Glamorous text is quite nice. Onto you overall composition, this falls into a trap of having a canvas too large, you have your focal all the way on the right side and your text completely separate on the left side, thus causing there to be two focal's. The glimmering fractals dotted everywhere do nothing for the tag at all. What I would suggest is finding a better background and having a smaller canvas, having your focal separate and and your text coming off the focal.

Judge 2: This sig wouldn't be too bad if it didn't use a PS filter. A stock on a black background is an interesting choice, but I personally don't like it.

Judge 3: I like how I get a bit of a glamorous feel by looking at this sig. The text definitely gives off a glamorous feel, but doesn't really fit with the rest of the sig except for the color of the girl. Instead of having a black and white/grey background, I would've liked to see it pink and red to go along with the girl.


Judge 1: This tag seems to best fit the theme to me, however you seem to have repeated a mistake others have made, you have way too much empty space, which is conducive to this style yes but it doesn't seem to mesh. What I would suggest is using a large 0% opacity rounded brush, making a new layer above the background and just brushing around the centre creating a gradient effect. My only other problem with this tag is that the text is near illegible and if I didn't know what I was looking for I'd have no idea what it said. Now the way the focal is boxed in with the flowers is just superb, very well executed and the "Glamorous" and "look at me" text is gorgeous. The colours are lush and vibrant.

Judge 2: I like how this sig has few effects going on and the simple nature of the white background and overall consistency of color. The heavy contrasts of red popping of the negative space is awesome. What I like the most is how a lot of time was spent on the text, which is what this theme was about.

Judge 3: I really like the minimal simplistic feel to this. The girl really pops out with such a plain background, and I love the flowers behind her. Having such a plain background also allows us to focus on the text, which is what should happen. The text glamorous is nicely done, but I would have liked to see "look at me" in a different color, even just a different shade of red. It's hard to read, so maybe a different color for that too.

Everyone did a great job but there can only be one winner. Without further ado, I present to you your winner, picked by all three [email protected]Seung-li ! Congrats and don't forget to PM Kaitou Ace about your gashapon prize :3