I'm sure there'll be plenty of "RAWRAWR I DON'T NEED VALENTINE'S DAY! I'M SINGLE AND PROUD", as always, but I was wondering what people were doing with/giving to their S.O's for Valentines?

Me and my fiancé are lovers of weird things, one of these being Mameshiba.

I love hand-making stuff, so I hand-made the card in the Mameshiba trivia style, and with a Edamame pod inside, with a little Edamame Mameshiba charm I made, that I'm going to turn into anything he wishes (phone charm, bracelet, necklace etc.)

I told my mum that the Mocha Bean was my favourite Mameshiba because of his moustache, and so, she bought me him, too! I can't resist showing my little guy off!
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