I'm not sure if theres any special requirements for posting in this section... So i'm going to post and if its denied, its denied.

This Request contains Minor Spoilers

I know I already have a pair of Signatures, but I really feel like Downsizing, and I really just feel like some Hellsing. So my request is quite simple- anyone can make a signature, as many as you like, as long as it meets my requirements. P.M them to me, and if you like, post them here too. However due to some unkown thingy going on with my computer, i can only add Pics to my Sig and avatar if i take them directly from the webiste they are uploaded on- so send me teh URL's, not the image, please.

I will use my favorite of all the submissions.

The prerequisites are:

-The Central figure must be Alucard from Hellsing Ultimate. Prefferaby in his Vlad the Impaler form, with the mostache, beard and everything from OVA... 8, I think.
-The Background is to be one of the following: Blood Splatters, Fire, Alucards Helldog eyes, a Blood Red moon, any combination of the above, All of the above.
-There is to be text (The positioning is up to you- place it where you think it looks good), which reads ''It takes a man... ...To Kill a Monster.''
-You can Sign it if you want, but i will agknowledge who made the winner underneath the picture anyway.