Type: TV series 50 episodes (code geass 25 episodes)(Code geass r2 25 episodes)
Genre:Mecha, Drama,Alternate History, Supernatural

Plot synopsis/ Summary- In an alternate history world, America lost the revolutionary war and was renamed Brittania. In the year 2010 the Brittanian empire takes over Japan and renames it Area 11. An exiled Brittanian Prince named Lelouch obtains a power called Geass and with it, he vows to obliterate Brittania.

Story (10/10)- The story is very original and fantastic. Each episode just makes you want to watch more. There are many twists and turns to this story.

Characters (10/10)- The character development is amazing in some characters and in others beyond amazing. The characters are very unique and some of their conflicts almost brought tears to my eyes.

Art/animation (10/10)- The art style is amazingly beautiful and the animation is stunning and it does not need any CG to look that way.

Voice acting, music (10/10)- This is arguably the best thing the anime has to offer. The soundtrack is first-class and top notch, and the Japanese voice acting is incredible. But the Japanese voice acting is not as incredible as the English dub. The English dub had great script writers which made the dialogue amazing. The voice acting cannot be described. The cast is amazing and they all fit their characters extremely well. Especially Johnny Yong Bosch as Lelouch.

Overall (10/10)- Code Geass is my favorite anime of all time. It has a fantastic story, soundtrack, and artstyle. Not to mention it has the best English dub and extravagant character development. I would recommend this anime to anyone.