This isn't a traditional Valentine's poem, but something inside of me told me to write it this way this year. Love can be hard at times, but it can also be hard to control. I would appreciate criticism, as well as love to hear your comments and opinions. Thank you.
All Who Are Alone
There was a time where I thought love was all lies,
A time where I reached so high for the skies,
And every time I see you near, my eyes swell.
This can't be love, it hurt; it must be hell.
With every step away, your gentle whispers reach me,
As the moon rise and the sun falls-it can't be..
For every breath that was taken is all gone.
Memories of walks, distant talks, laying in the lawn,
Each special moment held so very tight,
A single tear screaming, "This isn't right!
It hurts so much, and, yet, I cant let go!"
Emotions constantly giving into the flow..
It hurts-All the love in the world,
To dance on the floor in one last swirl.
Happy Valentine's day to all who are alone,
One day we will find the will to find one to own..

-(Early Sad Valentine's Special) 012820120242