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Slowly my eyes open, seeing the sun shine through my window. "Morning." A voice growled from the bathroom door. I jump out of bed and looked at the door, no one was there. "Not in there." The voice came from the window so I looked and the boy was standing there.

"Who are you?" I blurt out.

"It's not nice to ask questions when you are not asked to ask, unless you give information about yourself that I don't already know." He smirked. "But I guess that doesn't matter because I know almost everything about you, Courtney." The cloud came and took him, I ran over to grab a hold of him but he was already gone. "You shouldn't try to touch that mist, it burns skin without leaving a mark." I turn to see him directly behind me.

"You're so confusing." I say, reaching out to grab him before he left again but he moves backwards, out from my reach.

"Confusing, yes, and you confuse me when you don't like them learning their lessons." He walked around the room like if he was bored.

"Are you asking me why or are you just stating that you are confused?" I lean against the window sill, making sure not to startle him and make him go into the cloud again.

"No, just stating my thought." he looks over at me, making me feel young. "Seems like you know what I am now, yet you don't look like you fear me, you seem more like one of those people who are holding onto a old memory that they don't want to let go of." his smirk disappeared. "Not like you have much of a good memory history."

"Why do you say that?" I glare at him.

"From not even knowing your family to being taken away from the only person who really cared about what you wanted and felt. Him letting you go and then you couldn't be a bother to him after he let you be taken away." He froze in his stance, staring at me like if I was poison. "He only came to get information, he thinks of you as a research project."

"That is a lie." I bring my face down, he had to be lying to me, D cared.

"I'm the one who has been watching, you've been stuck here to learn about something that isn't even real in your mind. I've been watching everything while you've been rebelling in this place. So who would know more?" He looks up into my face, so that I am forced to look at him.

"You're just jealous, someone living cares about me." I look to the side, making sure my eyes avoid his again.

"I'd rather burn alive like I should be at this point." Slowly he moved closer. "Now, tell me that again?" He looks over into my face once again.

Getting aggravated, I shove him and he grabs my arms. "You're like a stalker, get away, let go."

"A stalker or a protector?" I look away and he shakes me a little so I look back at him.

"Doesn't matter." I pull my arms but he wouldn't let them go.His smile arose. "Stop smiling, you never smile so stop smiling." He pulls me closer and wraps me around so both my arms around my chest.

"Look out the window." I do as he says, knowing that if I don't he wont let go. "Who do you see?"

I look around the outside and see no one was walking around, no one was up, and no one doing anything. "It's deserted."

"Deserted, just like you have been." Slowly, I knew what he was telling me, that everyone left the school, that being like how everyone I knew have left me. I told myself over and over again that I wanted this loneliness but when I saw D I knew that I wanted him to come more often so we could talk, so we could be close again. "They all left you."

"No, they didn't." shaking my head over and over again, lightly. "They are forever inside of me. If they left me then I wouldn't be feeling the bond in my heart." He let go of my arms, backing up slowly. "We both lost something close to us, I know what has been taken from me, what was it that was taken from you? What makes you into what you have turned into?" I turn to see his eyes beginning to swell up.

"That is not any of your business, leave that for me to remember and you never to ask again." He slowly curled his fingers into a ball and pulled his arms down to his side. "But they have left you, they left you here to know that you have been deserted, so leave them like they have left you."

"I can't do that, I'm only human, being human means to feel even when you don't want that feeling inside of yourself." I close my eyes. "Confusion and lost, pain and love, being alone and having people near you, those are things that make up a sane human being, a person who is real." I turn back to the window. "Why did you choose me? Answer that if you don't want to give me your name, I at least deserve that much."

He began to laugh, I forced myself not to look, I didn't want to lose myself in his insanity. "That is what makes a human a human? Their feelings?" I could feel the skin on my back begin to chill.

"Yes, that is what makes a human, their feelings." His hand grips my shoulder. I pull my shoulder forward but his hand follows.

"I choose you because I could." His hand began to chill me more, make me feel more and more sad, making me feel like nothing mattered anymore. "I don't talk to you because you don't need to talk to me, you only need to be with yourself." His grip tightened. "You are human, and feelings aren't what makes you human, feelings are just apart of what you are made up of. You'll never understand that because you are one. Something the majority is blessed with." His voice sounded sad.

I turn my head to see his eyes looking at the outside. "What makes me human then?" I ask. "And why do you just choose me? And please donít just say because you could."

"You have to tell me those answers." He backed up, letting go of my shoulder. "Tell me when I enter your mind next time." The mist began to form.

"No." I grab his hand and the mist began to burn my skin, hurting me and making tears swell up in my eyes. "Stop." He pulls his hand and I enter the mist farther, hurting even more. "Don't." My fingers were beginning to slip so I gripped harder, allow the tears to flow down, allowing my skin to hurt, not wanting this moment to fly away.

"Let go." He pulls harder and my whole body is in the mist, my room beginning to disappear. "You have to stay, go." He pushed me back but I grab his wrist. "You're just going to hurt yourself." He sounded amused. "So stay."

I couldn't form words, nothing would come to my mind, only holding on and feeling my skin burn like if it was on flames. "Courtney?" An adult voice says from the doorway. "What is wrong?" Feeling arms wrapping around my waist, pulling me towards the bed.

"Goodbye Courtney." the boy fell through the floor, forcing my hands off of him, seeing the mist disappear now, seeing everything around me, I could see Miss Francine pulling me towards the bed.

"Miss. Wing, what is wrong?" She set me on the bed and searched my body, and she gasped at something she saw. "Stay." She ran out the door.