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Cloud was pacing his office, he hadn't touched his lunch and I was watching him closely. Then he sat down and stared at the ceiling. I began to worry about him, he hadnít said a word to me since we had gotten back from Lorenzo's School for the Special. I walked in front of him and held out my hand, trying to feel what he was feeling, and got nothing from it.

"You could have told me, Sam, I always thought you were a ghost." Cloud looked up, as if he was looking at me, face to face, for once. "I always thought you were the only ghost I could talk to, now I find out I can talk to any ghost and I can talk to a after life being, something no one believed to have existed." He took out a book from his drawer.

"I promised not to tell anyone, that was up until Courtney told us about the boy disappearing in a cloud and the red rims in his eyes, then I had to tell you two, tell you both." I sat down in the chair in front of Cloud's desk. "If that wasn't a problem then I would have kept quiet." Cloud stood up and walked towards the door. "Where are you going?"

"I'm going to get back to work, many kids need my help at the moment." He opened the door and looked back in. "I will be back soon, I would like you to stay in here." He left through the door while I was trying to figure out what was on his mind.

Barely anything really bothered him, the fact that I had to keep something from him normally didn't faze him. It could be that I said something that no one is suppose to know anymore. Courtney was being followed by a demon boy who seems to not be harming her yet.

"Sam, why didn't you stop that boy?" Megan walked in through the wall from the outside. Her coco colored skin making her hair look like if it was a brown instead of a dark blonde. "You know that if he is going to harm her then we have to stop him." She sat down on the desk, narrowing her green eyes at me.

"Ah, Megan, he isn't harming her, and he is just a boy. Most likely a new born. Let's just watch him until he may take action." I walk over to the door and look at the painting of a girl crying and a little boy holding her. Colors looking like they swirled together.

"No exceptions, Sam. He is demon, even if he is a new born, he is a dangerous person." She glared at me as if I was going to turn on her.

"Let me do this my way, Megan, if God didn't like it then he would have sent one of his Arch's to tell me, not you." I was finally getting tired of looking at the picture and moved to the book self and acted like I was browsing the book selection, which I knew by heart by now for looking at it so many times before.

"Maybe I was given a raise, plus you donít judge a book by its cover. He does what he wants and we are just his people, we do what he wants." She slide off of the desk and walks over to see what I was looking at. "I'll make sure to update you on God's patience on you." She stood straight and walked back to the wall. "If you need help killing the kid, you know how to contact us." And she disappeared from view.

"Crazy girl." I sat down on the desk seat and thought again of what needed to be done.

"Crazy is the right answer." A voice said, I jump up and look around, the boy that Courtney said was following her was sitting on the ceiling. "All of you guys are." He rolls his eyes.

"Get down here." I keep my eyes attached to his. He jumped down and kneeled down while on the desk. "What is your name and why are you following Courtney?" My hand lands down a foot away from his right foot.

"That is not any of your business, Sam." He grins at me and I narrow my eyes at him. "Now, if you say pretty please, I might answer one of those two questions." He stood up and jumps off of the table, walking around the room looking at stuff. "Cozy little pad you got yourself anyways." He chuckled.

"It's not mine, it is my donors place." I watch his jesters carefully. "Please tell me what your name is."

"Good boy." He turns and looks me in the face. "Name is Lucian." He bows low and then looks up to see my smirk. "And because I'm feeling generous, I'll let you know she will not be harmed." He disappeared one second and then was next to me the next second. "So you call your person a donor? Do all Angel's call there assets donors?"

I turn and face him. "Have a seat, we can talk as much as you like."

Lucian snorted and then disappeared again, reappearing in the seat on the other side of the desk. "Ok, let's talk."

"No, not all of us call them donors, most call them assets, but I call Cloud a donor because he gave up a life of being normal to save those who are being tortured like your asset is." quoting the word asset with my fingers.

"Ah, so his name is Cloud, and he gave up a life of being normal? That doesn't sound fun." He smirked. "Why does anyone want to be normal? it's so un-cool."

"He stopped hearing and seeing ghosts, he stopped himself from being a death seerer, but when he met Courtney, he started to remember the old life he had lived and he welcomed it back, from doing that I was ordered to follow him." I cross my arms and stare at him.

"So, orders are orders, how nice." He rolls his eyes and crosses his arms and his legs. "We demons do as we please, we are given how many people need to be hurt or killed, then we are set free for so long to do so. If we don't do it before the time runs out we are murdered ourselves." He was showing disgust in his eyes. "Right now, I'm running a little behind in the torturing apartment, being stuck with that girl while she is awake is a nightmare, she wont let me hurt anyone who is basically stilling living."

"So, if you don't hurt some people or kill someone you'll be taken away from her?" I lean forward, hiding my smirk from him.

"Yes, and then they will hunt her down." He looked at the window. "I'm not going to let that happen."

"And why tell me all of this?" I straighten up, trying to clear my head, leaning against the back of the chair.

"Because, if I do get taken away, you are the next line of defense for her. And so is your so called donor." He stood up and smirked. "And I don't think you could handle that." And then a dark mist came in, covering him. "Word of advice, that girlfriend of yours, keep her out of it." Then he was gone.