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Thread: Shou's Original Artwork

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    Default Shou's Original Artwork

    I have plenty of original characters and artwork. I am working on fine-tuning and advancing my art style and quality. Most of my works are digital, as I am trying to master digital art after only drawing pencil portraits for so long... My style is a mixture between anime and realism. Recently, I have changed up my style for a much more realistic style.

    Some weakness I know I have that I need to work on:

    * I cannot come up with outfit designs for the life of me - they're always so plain.

    * I have serious problems drawing anything below the shoulders.

    * My quality of artwork reduces dramatically when I don't work with large-sized images (so I can add plenty of details).

    * I spend too much time drawing faces, I get bored and hurry on everything else - lowering my quality of art.

    * I have problems drawing cartoons - I always end up making them too realistic (so thus, a reason why I have decided to stick with a combination of a realistic anime style).

    * It is much more difficult for me to work with a lot of color, although I have been working on using more color in my designs.

    * I also CANNOT draw backgrounds for the life of me. I usually just make a black, white, or grey background - sometimes a misty, foggy background. It's always plain. I need to work on more elaborate backgrounds.

    * Unfortunately, I specialize in "pretty boys," so I need to work on drawing girls (that differentiate in looks but not in style from my pretty boys) and ugly guys (hehe).

    Anyway, enough of me criticizing myself for now, here are some examples of my artwork...

    * Some of my older work, in my older style:

    In my old style I emphasized sketched and drew the character (emphasizing the outlines), and did some shading with pencil. Sometimes I went over the pencil with pen, but I rarely did so. Then I would scan the final pencil sketch and just color the sketch on my laptop with Gimp.

    Tenma, an original character of mine, who is the lead singer of my OC band, MISH*MASH:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	tenma__mishmash_by_shou_yuu-d4k59gx.png
Views:	27
Size:	731.3 KB
ID:	56823

    * When I first started experimenting with changing my style:

    I decided a few days ago (since I've first posted this) that I wanted to make my style more digital, more smooth, and more realistic. Almost like how the CG characters in Final Fantasy look, but in my own way. So I decided to color over a pencil sketch I scanned, instead of just coloring it. This was my first attempt at such. I also feel I should make the note that I do not own a tablet; I have to use the mousepad on my laptop.

    Ethir, (pronounced ETH-"ear") an original character of mine, and the main character of my upcoming Dragon's Blood series:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	dragon__s_blood__ethir_by_shou_yuu-d4mnkgm.png
Views:	26
Size:	295.8 KB
ID:	56824

    * My new style, currently, after some more practice:

    I worked on this, this very day, actually. I wasn't very satisfied with the outcome of my first attempt at changing up my style, and I didn't feel I balanced out the anime aspects and the realistic aspects of my new style, so I decided to try again. And since I also wasn't satisfied with my original design of Ethir, I figured I would also change up his design a little - keeping his crazy bright red hair and intense red eyes, of course. This time, I skipped the pencil sketch step completely and just did the entire thing with Gimp. Again, without a tablet.

    A re-design of my OC, Ethir:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	the_red_dragon__ethir_by_shou_yuu-d4mtlvk.png
Views:	26
Size:	555.2 KB
ID:	56825

    I will be creating my own photo gallery of my artwork here on AF, and I'll be updating this post with a link soon. [Update: Link to my gallery here on AF!]

    I will also be updating this post with new original art and upcoming stuff.

    I also have a deviantART account: "Shou-Yuu" [which I should be adding a link to in my signature], or if you're interested, you can comment on my profile and ask me for the link.

    My tools: Pencil, pen, GIMP, and my trusty laptop mousepad (wish I had a tablet, though).

    Please let me know what you guys think about my original artwork - I'd like to grow more as an artist, so constructive criticism is welcome.

    I just finished a new character! ^_^

    His name is Nen, and he is also part of my Dragon's Blood series - friend to Ethir.

    All digital; all GIMP; no tablet.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	the_blue_dragon__nen_by_shou_yuu-d4mzkoh.png
Views:	26
Size:	569.8 KB
ID:	56923

    Well...I decided to go ahead and design one of my other characters from my Dragon's Blood series - Aiyana.
    Still all digital; still all GIMP; and still without an awesome tablet - or a tablet of any kind, rather.


    [Full Size]:

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