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I suggest that you pay extra special attention to @November , @aerophobia and possibly @Daken

Do as I say and ye town shall win!
O rly? We don't need the "advice" of someone who is admitting being scum. Crawl back into your cage and wait for your turn at the gallows.

But since you were so... kind as to give us names, I suppose I can put my own two cents into the matter:

There are only 3 wolves left... so why did you give us three names, if you're a wolf as well? I'm thinking you're giving us an unnecessary amount because you actually ARE hiding the presence of a fellow wolf on that list. I'm actually starting to doubt Aero's guilt now, for some reason... If you really were a wolf trying to throw us off, you wouldn't point out obvious scum for us. I'm guessing you're utilizing Aero as a scapegoat, whether or not he really is a wolf.

So, if Aero turns out town, I'm guessing the other wolf is either November or Daken.

Thanks, man.

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Double post because I can.

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Triple post, yeyeye.

@MaruDashi so who all is being modblocked/killed tonight? o.o