Hello everyone I have joined this forum since over half a year ago and never really introduced myself. My name is Chris and I have been watching anime for what seems like most of my life. For those interested in what I have watched here is my list http://myanimelist.net/animelist/Overlord3k. My favorite anime for a long time has been One Piece and now don't judge me it is just my personal preference.

If an anime doesn't really interest me or I see I won't like it that much I normally just not watch it or I drop it. It is one of the reason why I normally don't rate anime anything below a 5 which I see no point in doing because I see no reason to watch something I don't like.

I normally try to help out other people when they ask recommendations. Mine might not be the best out there but they are those which I notice people seem to like if they like something else including myself.

Thanks for reading this hopefully we get along and can be friends.

One anime I would recommend to anyone who has not watched it is Great Teacher Onizuka which is one of my old time favorites.