what should i start first!! *panicked
ehmm.. well konnichiha.
rexu isn't my real name but you can be called me like that.
i'm joined this forum few days ago.
i will start a university life next August or September, i'm feeling if i've already old because i still want to enjoy my labile teen's world. *depressed
nah forget it,
i love pink, cute things, sweet foods, watch soccer match(but i can't play), dance, musics, arts, and of course anime and manga i also have interest with shuffle moves
i'm quite shy but quite noisy(later), a bit clumsy and narcissism(because i use photo of my self as my profile picture (?) *better not see that)
then i have a quite long hair, quite big eyes and i'm short(just 155cm) *depressed again
nah that is not important
well i guess it's enough (i know it'll just make you like this '(_")' if i write more hoho)
if you have a question about me or want to know me more, feel free to ask < what the ..!!
i dunno i'll be welcomed or not(i guess it's so hard to interact people here) but i'm just trying, i just wanna to be felt warm and friendly by people here, but sorry if i'm too much, forgive me mina. eheheh
don't worry mina i'll end my intro quickly.
okay the last..
i hope you take care of me here *don't mind it and dozo yoroshiku mina-san~~♥ hope see ya around.