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Thread: Sign Up: Freeze Asylum

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    Default Re: Sign Up: Freeze Asylum

    Name: Nikkunemu

    Age 25 ( Captured at 25)

    Race: Primate


    Abilities: Speed, ability to hide in and control shadows

    Biography: Nikkunemu woke up in a half destroyed castle with the only memory being his name. Soon after he woke up, he discovered that he had a natural ability to be a ninja. Soon after that Nikkunemu was able to get his hands on modern day ninja equipment. Nikkunemu decided to sell his skills to the highest bidder. He became rich doing this, and with his new found fortune came fame. This is when the government found out about his existence. Nikkunemu started to live a life on the run, this lasted for five years. Then one day while he was sleeping in an underpass he awoke to a sharp pain in his neck, it was a sleeping dart. When he finally awoke he was in the asylum.

    Personality: quite, sneaky, loyal, and intelligent.

    Other: He is able to use standard items to make fatal traps, he also is able to move silently
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