Band Name: Creature Feature

Genre of Music: Horror Rock, Horroc Pop, Monster Rock, Cabaret, Gothic, Horror, Rock

Band Members:
- Curtis RX (vocals and guitar)
- Eric X (keyboard and sampling)
Some Songs:
- The Greatest Show Unearthed
- There's a Corpse in my Bed
- Such Horrible Things
- A Gorey Demise
- Buried Alive
- Aim for the Head
- Bound and Gagged
- Mommy's Little Monsters
- The Unearthly Ones
- The House of Myth
Uhm, just discuss CF I guess. Does anybody else listen to them? What're some new albums/concerts they've done? Etc~

I have no clue if I made this right xD;; I mean I read the rules and everything... it's just I'm not too sure...