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Ah ok.

But before I'll go to bed; Am I the only one that finds it odd that @RyuTama found out Aku and LittleMomos roles the same moment (just before/page before) as they stopped write in here and was threatened of being modblocked? http://www.animeforum.com/showthread...onicles/page47

And how come that you Ryu didn't 'jumped on' the latest bandwagon against Reina but instead decided to vote for machinehead?
Just curious.

Also, I might add, I think that both @miki Chuu and @Yukari are wolfs. Both doesn't write so much in here, both doesn't say so much to their defenses but just jumps on a current bandwagon that is going on (and not even then explaning so much why. Just coming into the thread pretty much the last minute and then voting). How strange then that only one of the mafiass seems to be loosing all of its members...
I had posted earlier that I have limited access this weekend because 1) 15 hour drive (if I don't sleep) on the way to jersey which was yesterday. 2)I'm at my boyfriend's relatives who have no internet so I'm on my phone which makes it really really hard to write like messages. 3) I'm in freaking New York. i don't care if I die or not right now. I've never been to new York and I'm going to enjoy myself. Kaitou+ already knows all this and said that He would modblock or modkill me, because I told him a head of time.

So yeah. I'm not a Wolf, the only reason I joined the bandwagon is because I can't make long posts and that I really don't have anything more to add. Plus it turned out to be right. So why not join a bandwagon that had good evidence and it was support by Aku being GF.

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